DBS Disclosure

As you will have close contact with children and/or vulnerable adults on the PGCE programme, you will be required to have a satisfactory Disclosure & Barring Service Enhanced Disclosure Certificate. You will be contacted directly by the UEL Applicant Checks Officer in the Admissions Office with further details of the process and a disclosure application form.

School Direct Salaried trainees must complete a DBS application with your employing school and also get health clearance from your employing school.

You need to complete this check before you start the programme because you cannot go on any school visit if your form has not been returned. 


Fitness to Teach

It is a legal requirement that you are assessed as fit to teach in order to be given an unconditional offer on our programmes. Teaching is a demanding activity and there are fitness requirements set by the Department for Education for applicants to teacher training.

Maitland Medical undertakes the screening process for physical and mental fitness to teach. An online questionnaire must be completed and a fee of £63.00 must be paid upon submission. You will need to contact Maitland Medical at mail@maitlandmedical.co.uk or phone 020 8295 8250 if you need a paper questionnaire or guidance on the process. Full submission and payment details are included on the questionnaire.

Maitland Medical will notify UEL when an assessment has been made so that we can update our records. These records will be checked prior to your placements to ensure that you are fully cleared to attend.

Trainee teachers with special needs and/or disabilities are very successful on our programmes particularly when they disclose their needs before registration. If you do have a particular need or disability we strongly encourage you to disclose this as soon as possible so that we can assess the level of support you may need and to which you are entitled.


For more information

Trainee teachers can refer to the attached UCET guidelines and the Guide to Disclosure and Health Screening Procedures relating to DBS checks and teacher trainees.

Further details can be obtained by emailing the Applicant Checks Officer at applicantchecks@uel.ac.uk.