Whether you are a student joining the University of East London for a semester or for an academic year, or a current UEL student preparing to study abroad with one of our partners, we have a variety of global adventures for you to participate in.

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Exchange & Study Abroad 

The University of East London are proud to announce that the UEL Exchange Programme will commence from the academic year 2022/23!
The University of East London provide a wide range of experiences and opportunities to shape the future of our students. By participating in the exchange programme, you will have the chance to make an international lifetime experience, allowing you to capitalise on the advantages of learning new skills such as a new language, adaptability, endorsing your CV, or simply building a worldwide network. We have a range of partners offering the courses that you are undertaking with us, so take a look, have an explore and exchange your future!


Inbound Students Information

If you are a student who is currently studying at one of our exchange partner universities, you can join us as an exchange student for a semester or full academic year.
If you are a student coming through a Study Abroad Programme provider or a direct applicant from a university where there is no exchange agreement in place between our universities, you can join us through our Study Abroad (fee-paying) Programme route.  

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What we offer

Information for incoming students

You are welcome to join us on the exchange programme at UEL for a semester in the Autumn or Spring term or, for a fully immersive experience, you can join us for a full academic year.

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Information for outbound students

We have a variety of Global Experiences. We will provide you with a wealth of resources and workshops, to prepare you for your adventures abroad and will be with you every step of the way. 

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