Choosing a university is a big decision. We've put together some tips to help your son or daughter to decide. If they consider the questions below, they'll be better equipped to make the right decision.


How do they like to learn? Do they like exams, or do they prefer practical learning?

Different universities put different emphasis on exams, essays and practical work; some will split it evenly, while others might prioritise exams and essays. At UEL, assessments reflect the real world of work and employability skills are embedded into all of our courses. Grades are often based on reports and presentations, not essays and exams.

Class sizes

Would they like to attend large lecture theatres, or do they prefer smaller class sizes?

Some students prefer to learn in large lecture theatres. Others will thrive with more personal one-to-one contact with their tutors. At UEL we believe in smaller class sizes and more individual ways of teaching.


Do they want to be in the countryside, or at the centre of a big city?

UEL is in the heart of east London, and a short bus or train ride away from the centre of one of the world’s great capitals. Work experience opportunities and cultural attractions are all on the doorstep.


Would they prefer to be in university halls, rented accommodation, or live at home? 

UEL is one of the only universities in London to offer on-campus accommodation, meaning that your son or daughter will be close to their lecture halls.


Is their course accredited by the relevant professional body?

It is important to check whether a course is accredited, something which is important to future employers. This seal of approval from a leading professional body should ensure the course will offer the skills and knowledge needed to impress at interviews. You can find detailed information on all of the courses we offer by using our course search. 

In addition to a degree, each UEL student will complete our Professional Development Certificate, choosing from modules such as global citizenship, volunteering, mentoring, social media and communications, entrepreneurship, dispute resolution and coaching. These are all essential employment skills that help our students to stand out to prospective employers.

Stratford Campus


Come to an Open Day or Student Fair prepared with questions your son or daughter may not think to ask.

Students and parents often have different questions about university. At an open day, I might speak to a student about the brilliant transport links to the centre of London, which is great for nights out. Parents will be more reassured by the fact that UEL has bus stops or stations only a few metres away from the entrance to the campuses, where we have 24-hour security on hand.

Kamile Hudson, Events and Outreach Officer