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The University of East London NMH Rates

RIX Centre

The University of East London's preferred provider for NMH support is Randstad Student & Worker Support, following a open procurement process which was undertaken in May 2015; the initial contract is for 2 years and expires in July 2017.

In light of changes to BIS/SFE NMH procurement processes being introduced from the 27th November 2015, we request that Randstad be included as one of the two NMH quote recommendations for all DSA Needs Assessments undertaken by Access Centres. We have a stringent service level agreement in place with Randstad to ensure that our disabled students will receive an excellent level of support.  

Click here to download the NMH rates for the University; the greyed out cells represent areas of support where we have no SLA's with external agencies.

Information for Needs Assessors

The University of East London will assist students with the £200 DSA equipment contribution on a means tested basis. Further details are available from the Student Money and Rights website (SMART) through the following link

Office 365 online - all UEL students have access to the following features:
  1. They can download Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access on to 4 seperate devices
  2. They have access to 1 terabyte of cloud storage
  3. All downloads are compatable with UEL systems