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Make a Payment to UEL

Student making an online payment

Make a payment

Products and services available:

Who can make a payment? Anyone with a valid offer.

What do they need? Student ID (number prefixed with a letter) and date of birth.

Pay a student invoice


  • Tuition invoice
  • Accommodation invoice
  • Other miscellaneous student invoice

You will need:

  • Student ID
  • Date of birth

Make a student payment

University online shop


  • UEL online
  • Replacement ID card
  • Replacement documents (e.g. certificates)
  • Kitchen/bedding packs
  • University Events/Trips requiring payment
  • Parking
  • Plus many other items


You will need:

  • Payer/Student will need to create an account
  • Details of the item you wish to purchase

Go to the online shop

Payment Structures & Deposits

In order to confirm your offer, you must meet all conditions listed on your Offer Letter, as well as pay the deposit amount listed on your Offer Letter.
How to pay

Payments toward your tuition should be made using Flywire. Flywire is an easy, online payment platform that allows international students to make payments in their local currency, track payments, and process payments faster with greater transparency.

If you experience trouble making or tracking a payment through Flywire, you can access Flywire's customer service 24/7 in local-language.  

To access Flywire, you must follow the below steps:

1. Log into your application via the Application Portal

2. Click on 'International Checks" on your dashboard

3. Click "Deposit Payments"

4. Select an option for "Indicate how you will pay" (this will usually be "self-funding") and click next

5.  Select "Pay online" and click next

6. Click "payment portal" in bold - DO NOT check the tick box to confirm you have made a payment yet and DO NOT click "submit" yet. You will need to come back to this screen once you have completed the payment process via Flywire. If you do accidentally select this option, please email to have your account reset

7. You will now be re-directed to the Flywire platform, where you will select the country you are making the payment from and the amount you wish to pay in GBP. Click next

8. Browse all the payment methods available to you in local currency. This will vary depending on currency exchange rates offered by the payment providers available. Please select your preferred method and complete the information on the next page and click "Pay"

9. Choose an option from Step 1 to complete your payment via the side panel. If you need to show your bank a letter of Authorisation, you may scroll down to Step 2 and download this letter

10. Once the payment is complete, the first yellow progress bar at the top of the page, should turn green and say "Payment Guaranteed", which means Flywire has received it. Once Flywire has processed the payment and UEL receives the payment, the second part of the progress bar will turn green and the status should say "Payment received". Processing times may vary depending on your method of payment

11. Your payment is now complete and you may download a payment receipt via the side panel options

12. Once you have completed the payment, please go back to the page from Step 6 and tick the check box to confirm you've made a payment and click "Submit"

You may log into your Flywire dashboard later, to monitor the progress of your payment, which could take a few days to process.

We accept:

 payment methods logos

Dependent on your card provider the system may ask for additional information in line with 3D secure requirements, this gives you an added layer of security when paying online. 

All payments are made in GBP Sterling.

View our terms and conditions for online payments..

Telephone contact:

If you have a query regarding what to pay to the Income & Credit Control team please call on the following number: +44 (0) 20 8223 7333 (lines open: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)


This is the number without the u i.e. 1234567.
This can be found on your offer letter or any UEL email communication. (This is the same as your applicant number).

You can pay your fees in full or in instalments.

If you decide to pay by instalments, you can sign up to a five (consecutive) month instalment plan as part of your on-line enrolment process.

There are no additional charges added for choosing to pay in instalments.

Payment will be made in five equal consecutive monthly instalments and you must pay 20% of your tuition fees as the first instalment using a debit or credit card online. You must then set up a recurring card payment schedule. This option will only be available up to the enrolment deadline date.
No – instalment payments are not available for fees invoiced to student sponsors. E.g. Employer, local authority, charity or other 3rd party accepted sponsor.

No – we do not offer direct debit as a payment option.

As an alternative to direct debit you can set up a recurring card payment schedule, to pay your fees in five equal consecutive monthly instalments – which is the only instalment option available.

Anyone can make payment, whether they are the student or paying on behalf of a student. For example: Student, parent, other family member, friend, sponsor, agent.
No - All payments must be in British Pound Sterling. We are not responsible for any fluctuation in exchange rates and/or any bank charges.

If you are a currently enrolled student, you can view your statement and pay your Tuition Fees by card or PayPal through UEL Direct 24/7 by logging into and following the links. You will need your student number and password to use this method.

If you are making a payment on behalf of a student, you can make payments against your Tuition Fees account via the following link . You must have the Student ID number and date of birth to log in.

Students will receive a 5% discount if they pay their fees in full before or at enrolment.

The early payment discount applies to students paying the Overseas rate of fees on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes who paying their own fees, and to Home/EU students on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes who pay their own fees.