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HSB Developing your skills

Using feedback

This section covers how to make the most of the feedback you receive on your essays.

Feedback on your essays is intended to help you develop your writing skills with each assignment. It's really important that you use these comments to understand your strengths and weaknesses and the marking criteria for your subject.

The Working with feedback guide will help you to interpret and act on some of the most common types of comments you might be getting.

If you're not clear on any of the feedback you have received, talk it through with your tutor so that you don't miss any opportunities to improve your marks.

Developing your skills

This section gives advice on developing your critical skills to improve the quality of your academic writing.

In the video, Ian Wells explains how you can demonstrate and develop your critical skills. The Developing your critical skills guide illustrates how you can start to develop more critical responses within your writing.

Other useful resources:

Improving your English 

The links in this section will help if you need to work on your English language skills.

General English Skills
These comprehensive sites offer games, stories, videos, tutorials and quizzes if you need to brush up on your English language skills.
Practise Listening to Lectures
Choose from these huge libraries of video and audio lectures to stimulate your thinking and practise your comprehension. Many lectures come with a downloadable transcript to aid listening.