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What are extenuating circumstances?

Extenuating Circumstances are circumstances which  

•    impair your examination performance prevent you from attending examinations or other types of assessment, or
•    prevent you from submitting coursework or other assessed work by the scheduled deadline date, or within 24 hours of the deadline date

Such circumstances rarely occur and would normally be

•    unforeseeable -  in that you could have no prior knowledge of the event concerned, and
•    unpreventable -  in that you could do nothing reasonably in your power to prevent such an event, and
•    expected to have a serious impact on performance

You are expected to make reasonable plans to take into account commonly occurring circumstances (such as transport or computer problems) even those which, on occasion, may have been unforeseeable and unpreventable.

Making a claim

Students wishing to claim Extenuating Circumstances should carefully read the Extenuating Circumstances – Student Guidance & FAQs. This guidance fully explains what extenuating circumstances are, how to apply, what supporting evidence you will need to submit and answers to frequently asked questions.

To claim Extenuating Circumstances students must submit an Extenuating Circumstances Form. Please read the guidance notes on the form carefully. You must also attach ALL evidence and documentation supporting your case when you submit it (even if you have previously submitted this documentation for an earlier claim). The completed forms should be submitted to the relevant Student Hub. Incomplete claims or those without evidence will not be accepted.

Extenuating Circumstances Form Submission Deadlines

Claims can be submitted before the scheduled date and time for the submission of the assessed work. It is your responsibility to inform us as early as possible of any difficulties you have encountered which will affect your ability to submit coursework or attend exams.  The designated deadlines for submission of claims for extenuation are:

•    for assessment by examination: 5pm on the Tuesday after the final week of examinations.
•    for assessment by submission of assessed work: no later than the Student Hub closure time one calendar week after the scheduled date and time for the submission of the assessed work.
•    Holidays and Bank Holidays are included in the week – if the day that falls one week after the assessment deadline is a Bank Holiday Monday, then the form should be submitted on the Friday or last business day before this

However, it is recognised that there may be cases where you are unable to submit a claim for extenuation within the above time period (e.g. emergency in-patient hospital treatment occurring during the examination period).  In this case, you should submit your claim at the earliest opportunity.  There will be a published deadline for each term/semester by which all claims must be submitted. Beyond this date claims for extenuation will no longer be considered in order for a decision on the claim to be made and communicated to the relevant Department Progression and Award Boards. The final cut off dates for 2017-18 are as follows:

15th January 2018 – Postgraduate Semester A claims
24th May 2018 for Undergraduate Term 1 and 2 claims/and Postgraduate Semester B (PG) claims
17th July 2018 for re-sit claims
25th September 2018 – Postgraduate Semester C Claims

If your deadline is less than 7 days before the above dates then please contact the Hub for advice.

If you require further support and guidance regarding any aspect of your claim, please refer to the Student Guidance and FAQs above and/or contact the Students Union Advice Service

The formal procedures governing Extenuating Circumstances can be found in the Manual of General Regulations Part 6

Annual Reports on Extenuation