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UEL team aims to bring 'Living Wage' to Royal Docks

London Scholars 2015

London Scholars

The 'Living Wage' is calculated as being the minimum pay rate necessary to cover the basic cost of living and allow people to provide for themselves and their families. Unlike the national minimum wage, it is not legally enforceable and employers choose whether to pay it or not.  

As an accredited Living Wage employer, UEL is attempting to create a 'Living Wage Zone' in Newham's Royal Docks area, where the University's Docklands Campus is located.

As part of this effort, students engaged with the ten largest employers in the borough to encourage and, where possible, implement practices that benefit their employees.

The project was carried out collaboratively with Citizens UK, the largest citizens’ organisation in the UK.

“The Royal Docks Living Wage project is a unique, community-focused project that aims to leverage our institutional power to produce real change in the local economy, said Tim Hall, Principal Lecturer and Subject Head of Global Studies.

“Students working on the project learn broad-based organising with a professional organiser and present compelling cases to a range of organisations in the Royal Docks zone,” he said.