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London Scholars 2017



Step Up to Stop Hate

This project will work with young people aged 16 plus in four Newham schools/colleges to raise awareness and understanding around hate crime and provide practical guidance on how to act and seek support as a victim or bystander. Peer-to-peer workshops will be designed and delivered by UEL students trained, supported and supervised by UEL staff. Workshop participants will learn how to recognise hate crime, share their own experiences, and explore different options for responding to hate-driven incidents, including safe intervention techniques and reporting. They will then be supported by community organisers from Citizens UK to develop and carry out their own projects.

Building Bridges: Developing and using skills as a bilingual student to assist vulnerable migrants and refugees

This London scholars programme will build on the civic engagement funding which helped a well-used web portal on mental health and refugees to be established at UEL in 2016 ( The portal has been successful in enabling mental health practitioners, community organisations and refugees from across the world to access a range of helpful resources. Unfortunately, the web content is currently only available in English. This project will enable a number of the portal materials to become available in a range of languages, translated by diverse heritage/ bilingual UEL students. Students from previous LS programmes will be actively involved as mentors/coaches.

The Wilderness Foundation Collaboration (WFC)

This project will focus on improving lives for at-risk youths. UEL students will undergo an accredited mentorship training where they will gain recognised certification before working for the WF as a mentor on a trail (a trek across a wilderness-based area designed to allow the disengaged youth to experience nature and exercise within nature). During the trail students will mentor the disengaged youth as they are given time to reflect on how their lives are currently, and potential ways that they could adapt their lives to push them in a more constructive way. Students will interview previous participants of the WF trails as part of their dissertation and will receive academic mentorship from a successful former UEL student.

Awareness, prevalence and determinants of diabetes knowledge among Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Communities in London

The incidence of diabetes is increasing globally and especially in the United Kingdom. Increasingly sedentary lifestyle, low level of awareness, obesity, genetics and poor diet have been implicated among other factors contributing to increasing incidence of the disease. This project aims to promote the awareness of diabetes in Newham, Barking and Dagenham and Havering. Participants will conduct a survey of determinants of diabetes knowledge among Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities in the selected borough councils. This project will be delivered in collaboration with RCCG Chapel of Courage, Romford and GPs from Hilly Fields Medical Centre, Brockley.

Do you write as well as you speak? The Enhancement of Scholarship through Research Partnership for Social Science Students

This project will enhance scholarship and authorship through research partnership with Social Science Students, which will impact positively on two student cohorts: Levels 3 and 4 students as research informants and levels 5, 6, MA and PhD students as research assistants. The project intends to implement and evaluate the impact of a series of innovative writing techniques which we call 'spoken-to-written discourse model' that foregrounds the use of speaking-writing connection to support student development of academic voice and identities.