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Civic Engagement Fund Projects 2017-2018


The Seaside Compendium

The Seaside Heritage Compendium project is a collaboration between UEL and a social enterprise organisation based in Southend-on-Sea, the Cultural Engine CIC. Part of a bigger project 'Resorting to the Coast', focusing on public engagement with the heritage and cultural history of the Tendring Coastal Towns – Harwich/Dovercourt, Walton-on-the-Naze, Frinton, Jaywick and Clacton, the project will conceptually design a compendium providing access to comprehensive materials covering the history of resort and seaside growth of the Coastal Towns.

Exploring the role of dance, as a form of fitness, to tackle the rise of obesity in young people

The UEL Dance Collective will work in conjunction with the BSc (Hons) Public Health and BSc (Hons) Health Promotion students to deliver this project. Tackling the obesity crisis within schools will involve Public Health students working alongside the UEL Dance Collective to create a series of marketing, promoting and performing tools, reflecting the health benefits of dance. This project will be delivered in a range of schools/colleges in Newham and Waltham Forest. The culmination of this project will be presented at the annual Dance festival COLLIDE in May, at Stratford Circus as well as being presented at Lister Community School and Leyton Sixth Form College.

EVC Institute @ UEL (A 5-day community enquiry programme)

The EVC Institute at UEL is conceived as an intensive, five day experience of making media, civic reflection and curriculum development. UEL PGCE students will develop project based facilitation strategies designed to build their young pupils' digital and print literacy, critical thinking and group collaboration skills.    Using the Educational Video Centre's Youth Powered Video Curriculum the EVC Institute @ UEL will offer student teachers a critically engaged professional workshop and coaching programme where they will learn to collaboratively produce their own documentary video as well as develop strategies for facilitating a project-based enquiry process with their own students in response to community issues. This project will support educators to develop the knowledge, skills and practices to use media as a tool for exploring poverty, race and civic engagement in their own classrooms – and impact on the communities in which they work.

Tate Lives: Community Engagement Salvaging the Oral History of the Tate Institute

The aim of this project will be to salvage, document and preserve the community history of the Tate Institute in Silvertown.  The Institute was established by Henry Tate in 1887 as a secular social venue for his sugar workers. This project will employ a rescue/salvage archaeology approach to documenting and recording the social history of the Institute with a special emphasis on the built environment and its cultural and community impact.  Historically the Institute has played a very important role in the social life of the area and this project will enable its lasting legacy to be documented, recorded and shared in a travelling exhibition and short video documentary.

Supporting Refugees into Higher Education: A Research Hub for London

This project will support the initiative to start a refugee access to HE programme within UEL.  The University is currently partnering in an Erasmus+ funded programme with the Central European University in Budapest and others to provide access to higher education for refugees and asylum seekers. This includes a series of five courses of 10-week Saturday workshops, beginning in April 2017. The aim of this project first and foremost will be to create an online Research Hub in London for refugees and migrants.  This will act as an online hub for refugees and asylum seekers living in the UK and provide peer reviewed, current and relevant materials for refugees and asylum seekers who wish to seek higher education opportunities within the UK.

Revisiting Partition

2017 is the 70th anniversary of the partition of India. The legacy of partition has had a profound impact on the lives and identities of many UEL students, and the ramifications for wider global and local politics are evidenced in news reports daily. This project will allow students an opportunity to research both the moment of partition itself and its legacy in communities in east London. Students will work with renowned cultural producer Anwar Akthar of The Samosa to make two films documenting the legacies of partition and posing questions about the future of diversity in London.

Believing in Me

'Believing in Me' will bring together students from the Cass School of Education and Communities, the School of Arts and Digital Industries and young care leavers from Barnardo's.  This offers an opportunity for UEL students to work with young people from the local community in a mutually beneficial project, facilitating work-based learning for students and opening up a route for young care leavers to learn about Higher Education for themselves.  'Believing in Me' will enable UEL students to meet with local young care leavers and assist them in the co-creation of their own enabling stories.  The project will culminate in a mobile exhibition of collaborative work (photographic and short biographies), curated by the participants themselves. 

Creative Wave

Urban AdPocket is the working name for an in-house student-led advertising agency that provides advertising and communications solutions to local start-ups and charities in the east London area. Stemming from test-bed projects that we have implemented this academic year, Urban AdPocket hopes to build on our success by investing in the BA Advertising's civic engagement initiatives and developing them into a functioning agency that boosts our students' employability and engagement. The idea is to work with communities that usually cannot afford to employ advertising agencies, such as local charities and new businesses, and deploy students to come up with innovative advertising ideas on a pro bono basis.

Untold Stories

Untold Stories (US) uses Digital Storytelling as a means to draw together UEL, the Salvation Army Housing Association's (SAHA) Open Talent Programme and DigiTales,  a research based company hosted by Goldsmiths to undertake an integrated programme of Digital Storytelling work that stands to benefit students and staff, create new links to a high-profile community partner and showcase completed work to an international audience at the Untold Conference in July 2017. Digital Storytelling refers to a workshop-based process enabling people with little or no experience of media production to acquire the skills needed to create a short film using imagery from their personal archive.

The Groundbreakers: Excavating history at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

The aim of this project is to research and find records, museum and archaeology collections to document the history of the site of the new Queen Elizabeth II Olympic Park in Stratford. This is part of a major heritage project to create trails and publications to interpret the history of the park to a wide audience and create research resources for anyone interested in the history of the site of London's newest park. The studentships will involve visiting local and national archive collections, noting and collating relevant materials and interviewing project partners and experts. Findings will be summarised and collated in an annotated bibliography which can be used by future researchers (and members of public) for history-based projects.