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The Career Zone Mentoring Programmes enable you to develop your confidence, share your knowledge and make the most of your time at university. 

What we do

Mentoring can help you maximise your potential and achieve your career goals. Our Professional Mentoring Programme matches you with an experienced professional so you are able to ask questions and enhance your employment prospects.

You can also get involved with our peer-to-peer mentoring scheme, which provides opportunities to mentor or be mentored by other students within your academic programme. You can also mentor students from local schools and colleges and share your knowledge, skills and experiences with them.

Mentoring Programmes

The Career Zone Professional Mentoring Programme is a unique opportunity for you to learn knowledge, skills and experiences from a professional in employment. Your mentor will help you to develop personal and professional skills.

The programme is designed to develop your understanding of the recruitment process and build your confidence as well as your employability skills. You and your mentor will meet over a period of four months at a mutually convenient location. Both mentors and mentees will be fully briefed at the start of the programme and provided with support materials. We will continue to support mentors and mentees throughout the mentoring relationship.

The Career Zone Professional Mentoring Programme has been accredited with Approved Provider Standard by the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation.

  • Students: If you are interested in participating in the Professional Mentoring programme please email
  • Employers interested in mentoring students should complete a form to apply.

The Peer-to-peer Student Mentoring Programme provides opportunities for Level 5 and 6 students to mentor level 4 students providing guidance, support and knowledge. This will enable mentees to settle into a new environment successfully.

Mentoring can be conducted through face-to-face meetings, email or e-mentoring, messaging and text. Peer-to-peer mentoring develops confidence, fosters a sense of community within schools and allows participants to develop transferable skills and enhance their employability.

Mentors will be provided with training and resources to enable a successful and meaningful mentoring relationship.

If you would like to find out more, please fill in a form to register your interest.

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