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Impact and data analysis

The data team is responsible for the collection and analysis of data related to student outcomes, including progression, engagement and employability. 

Who we are

The Impact and Data Analysis team manages the delivery of the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey and the National Student Survey (NSS). We aim to take a data driven approach to student support at UEL.
We reach out to applicants before they arrive on campus with a pre-entry survey to identify individual support needs. Based on survey responses, we assist with personalised referrals to support services and identify pre-entry workshops to prepare our incoming students for their degrees.
We monitor and analyse data on student progression, retention and engagement, and monitor the impact of academic interventions on student success. We are also responsible for delivering the National Survey (NSS) and work with schools and services to run surveys throughout the year. Using predictive analytics, we aim to anticipate the individual support needs of our students and recommend targeted interventions for those who experience barriers to study. 

We collect and analyse data related to graduate outcomes including the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey. We also connect graduates with employability support, where requested, during data collection.

Survey outcomes

  • 10


    Based on the responses from our pre-entry survey, we identified the need for 10 academic and careers-focused workshops to prepare applicants for university life.

  • 1430


    We reached out to our incoming students and received significant number of responses, which demonstrates the engagement of our 2017/18 cohort.

  • 774


    So far, we have made 774 personalised referrals to services that applicants felt would be useful when completing their survey. 

  • 6%


    A significant number of our final year students were in early stages of starting their own businesses, with 6 per cent of survey respondents identifying this as their next step. As a result, we ran specialised entrepreneurial workshops.

  • 73%


    Overall, 73 per cent of our final-year students were already in work when completing their final examinations. 

  • 25%


    We surveyed 839 final year students in the final month of their degree. Overall, 25 per cent of students aimed to continue their studies, and pursue a postgraduate degree.