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Never Not Learning UEL

Never Not Learning: staying pro-active during the pandemic

Covid-19 has made dramatic changes to everyone's lives. Especially for students and young people that were preparing for exams, job applications or university.

Schools and colleges have closed, exams are out the window, and everything seems a little bit uncertain. So, what should you do?

In short – stay home, keep calm and carry on. This leaves you with a little (or a lot) more time on your hands and using this time productively can give you a real edge come September – whatever your future aspirations may be.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got some ideas on how you can use your time to improve your skills, contribute to society and save our NHS.

Make history

We know a bit about history. The University of East London has survived wars, built the London skyline and taken part in momentous sporting occasions. Together we’ll get through this challenging period. Whilst you’re staying in, why not start sharing your new reality? The Museum of Ordinary People (MOOP) is inviting members of the public to document their experience of the Covid-19 outbreak as a reference for future generations. This way, people in the future can learn from our current situation. Just visit their Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and submit your thoughts, feelings and experiences using #TheseTimes. The museum will later collate submissions and make them part of its permanent collection. By September you could tell your mates or potential employers you featured in an exhibition.

Help others

Our NHS needs us now more than ever – so if you are over 18, fit and healthy with no symptoms you can help by volunteering a few of your spare hours through the GoodSAM app. There are lots of ways you can help, from delivering vital supplies to vulnerable people in the community to supporting individuals at risk from loneliness through regular phone contact.

Keep up with the curriculum

Yes, there’s an app for that and it’s free. Seneca promises to make learning fun, responsive and interactive. You can find a variety of subjects on there and you can share your progress with teachers, school mates and parents.

 Get some culture (digitally)

Time seem a bit slow? Days beginning to merge? Take it up with the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. You can find out about Britain’s rich maritime history (spoiler alert: we invented time) discover why the clocks spring forward by an hour in March and consider how much a ticket to space should cost. Miss getting around on the London underground? London Transport Museum’s digital collection has you covered! Stay away from public transport but still get your London transport fix whilst in isolation through photos, exhibitions, posters and loads more. All from the comfort of your bed.

Come face to face with a Jurassic giant, journey through ancient culture or fly around contemporary artists’ works with Google arts and culture. You can explore London through the lens of black British history, take part in a collective poem and virtually tour most well-known buildings and sites.

Build your skills

Perhaps you’re interested in learning how the COVID-19 virus is going to affect you? Or you want to start a coding club for you and your mates? Why not take a look at short courses from futurelearn where you can find courses from UEL industry partners like the British Council or world-renowned institutions such as New York’s Institute of Finance and the Raspberry Pi foundation.

Discover a new language

The borders to many European countries may be closed but there’s nothing to stop you learning a new language from the comfort of your home with the BBC. There are over 139 nationalities of students and staff at the University of East London so you’re bound to get some practice of your new found vocabulary come September. Plus it means you will be a little more prepared when you eventually do visit.

Get creative

How about jumpstarting your creativity? Artsy has a selection of free creative online courses to help get those creative juices flowing. From biohacking your brain’s health to the psychology of art and creativity – there's a bunch of brilliantly curated short courses you can explore.