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Admissions 2020: future applications

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Question. Given exam cancellations, should I still apply to university now or wait until information is clearer? 
Answer: Applications to our courses remain open. We are working with the relevant organisations to ensure we keep our guidance as up to date as possible. 

Question: Do I need to apply direct to UEL or is UCAS still operating as normal?
Answer: UCAS are operating as normal and applications can be submitted as normal.

Question: Do the normal UCAS deadlines for offers and acceptances apply?
Answer: UCAS has extended the May deadline dates by 2 weeks for undergraduate applications to 19th May. They have introduced rolling deadlines for UCAS Teacher Training applicants. Full information can be found at

Question: Will UEL accept people based on predicted grades? Or something else? Answer: When we assess applicants, we review a number of things to ensure we have a strong well-rounded view of the individual - in order to make the correct offer. Things we review include 

  • predicted grades for level 3 qualifications
  • previous completed qualifications
  • personal statements and references
  • work experience gained to date.

Question: Can I apply to university without a UCAS application?
Answer: At University of East London you can apply directly for some of our courses throughout the main cycle. You can also apply directly through Clearing through a record of prior acceptance.

Question: When can I apply to universtity through clearing?
Answer Any applications made through UCAS after the end of June will be treated as Clearing applications. Clearing officially opens in early June, although the date varies slightly year on year.

Question: Is there any advice you can give applicants going through the clearing process?
Answer: Make sure you do your research, read our clearing tips, prepare lots of questions to ask your university and speak with current students.

Question: Where can I get more information about university Clearing?

Answer: Clearing relates to the late application process for undergraduate degrees that occurs at universities throughout the UK each year. You can find more information on our main Clearing page.?

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