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Preparing to study

Your course team will let you know if there are any specific tasks you need to complete before your course starts. If you want to prepare, here are a few things you could consider:

  • Read all the welcome emails you receive and have a look at your School and course web pages to get a feel of what activities and research is going on.
  • Look at the library web pages to discover the range of resources and support that are available. It's more than just books! If you have received a reading list, doing some of the reading before your course starts can help you manage your work during the term. Not all courses issue a reading list so don't worry if you do not get sent one.
  • Explore the Student Support web pages and think about what support you might need or find useful now or as you move through your course.
  • Your academic timetable will be sent to you so you can plan your week around your course sessions and activities. We aim to get this to you as soon as possible as we are aware that students have other family and life responsibilities.
Managing your time effectively is one of the most important things to get right. Note deadlines and important dates in your diary, set reminders and stick to them. Get to lectures and seminars on time and plan for your independent study. Keep a ‘to do’ list and set yourself achievable goals.