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Welcome Week timetables

Stratford library

Starting student timetables

We hope you have an exciting week meeting your course team, fellow students and make new friends in the University of East London community. Your Welcome Week timetable includes a wide range of activities. In order to find out essential information about your course and meet tour course team, you must attend ALL your course academic induction sessions (in white). You can then choose to attend any of the social activities (in turquoise) at lunch time, during the day and into the evening.

As part of your academic induction programme, you will have a timetabled slot to resolve any enrolment queries you may have.  Many of you will have been able to apply for your Access/ID card and complete enrolment on-line so you will not need to attend.  Others who do should do so in the time allocated for your course.  The enrolment centres are open at other times but tend to get busy so we recommend that your stick to the time that is set aside for you on your individual timetable.  Staff at the enrolment centres will be there to help you with your questions to make sure that you are fully enrolled and ready to start your year!

Check your induction timetables here. If your programme timetable is not available right now, check back closer to your starting date to download your timetable.

Welcome week events

The Students' Union (SU) has made a big effort to entertain and inform you and make you feel welcome, some of the activities will need a ticket and these are indicated by a £. The SU ticket can be bought from their website and is very good value.

The Welcome Convocation is a ceremony to welcome new students. Register for your place.