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Balancing your university life

Balancing your university life

The right balance for social and academic success

It's really important to get a good study life balance at university.

We want you to really enjoy your time here at the University of East London by making lifelong friends and leaving with a valuable degree. With a lot of change and exciting things going on, we know it can be hard to find the right balance between your studies and social activities.

Top tips:

  • All the things you do that are outside of your studies contribute to your overall experience of the world - and you will import that back into your work to make your understanding and analyses richer. 
  • You aren't expected to study 24/7. The university expects you to treat a full time degree like a full time job, and do 30-35 hours of studying a week, including lecture, seminar and lab times.
  • If you can commit yourself to well-defined study times, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy a range of activities
  • Thinking time is as important as reading time and writing time. Your brain needs time and rest to process new information Likewise, your body needs exercise and sleep to keep it in a proper state of alertness so that you can focus on studying effectively