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Before you arrive

Before you arrive checklist

Preparation is the key to success and our goal is to ensure you have the best possible start to your time here at East London.  To help you get ready, below is a checklist of things you need to work through before you arrive: 

1. Obtain Your Visa (if you are from the EU, you can skip this step)

You need a visa before you can commence your studies in the UK.  Once you receive your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS), your next step is to book a visa appointment in your own country.  If you have not done so, you should follow our guide to applying for a visa.  If you need any help related to your CAS or visa, please contact our friendly International Student Advice team by emailing

2. Quarantining Upon Arrival 

The current regulations with the UK government require individuals travelling from certain countries to quarantine for different periods of time. To check if and how long the country that you are travelling from is required to quarantine when you arrive in the UK visit the official government website.

You can also read more about UEL’s Quarantine Package options

3. Complete Online Enrolment

Enrolment is the official registration process that formalises you becoming a student of our University. You will receive an email asking you to complete Online Enrolment once your course offer, CAS are confirmed. Please do not worry if your visa has not been granted yet, as you can still enrol online and start studying whist waiting for your visa to be granted. Instructions on how to enrol will be contained within the email. Yes, you will be able to upload a copy of your passport and entry visa in your passport to complete the online enrolment. You will be able to provide a copy of your BRP once you have collected it. But you will still be able to engage with your studies and must wait till your have completed your 14-day self-isolation before attempting to collect your BRP.

4. Arrange Your Accommodation

We strongly recommend that you reserve accommodation and create a plan for when and how you will move into your new home, prior to travelling to the UK.  This will enable a smooth transition experience when you arrive in London.  Our University Halls of Residence are strongly recommended as the most convenient place to stay during your studies.  More details about finding a place to live in London can be viewed in our Apply For Accommodation section.

5. Register for Airport Transfers

Airport transfers will be offered from Heathrow and Gatwick airports, if you are registered with the International Arrivals Team. If you would like UEL to arrange an airport transfer on your behalf, we must receive confirmation of your flight itinerary 72hrs before your arrival into the UK. You will receive an email with further details on how to register for this service. 

6. Register for International Orientation

You can join the online orientation programme here

You will be able to find more information on preparing for university, the 5 steps to orientation and course inductions. 

As part of the orientation program you will find a dedicated international orientation section where you will be introduced to the International Student Advice team who are here to support you and answer any visa or immigration related queries throughout your studies. The international orientation section includes important information about your Rights and Responsibilities as a Tier 4 student, working in the UK, life in the UK and dealing with culture shock. There are lots of fun activities and quizzes on this site too! 

7. Before You Fly

To view some helpful advice on what to pack before you depart your home country for the UK, please read our Before You Fly section.