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Dr Nicholas Wood

Senior Lecturer

    Nick Wood is a clinical psychologist and academic with a research focus on men’s health issues and children with disabilities or mental health difficulties. He is a Senior Lecturer in Child and Life-Span Mental Health on the BSc in Counselling Degree.


    Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

    Wood, N. (2015). How to talk to someone with an “untreatable” lifelong condition. British Medical Journal, 351, 32–33. doi:10.1136/bmj.h5037 |

    Shah, S., Wood, N., & Nolte, L. (2012). The experiences of being a trainee clinical psychologist from a black and minority ethnic group: a qualitative study. Clinical Psychology Forum, 232, 32–35.|

    Lund, C., Kajee, A., & Wood, N. (2010). Clinical psychology training in South Africa. Clinical Psychology Forum, 215, 17–21.|

    Wood, N., & Dockrell, J. (2010). Psychological assessment procedures for assessing deaf or hard of hearing children. Educational and Child Psychology, 27(2), 11–22.|

    Book Chapters

    Winter, D., Bridi, S., Urbano Giralt, S., & Wood, N. (2011). Loosening the chains of preemptive construing: constructions of psychological disorder and its treatment in Sierra Leone. In D. Stojnov, V. Dzinovic, T. Pavlovic & M. Frances (Eds.), Personal construct psychology in an accelerating world (pp. 95–108). EPCA/Serbian Constructivist Association.|

    Conference Papers

    Wood, N. (2013). Survivor narratives of men with chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS). Paper presented at the 6th International Conference in International Society for Critical Health Psychology, Bradford, UK.|


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    Peer-reviewed Journal Articles Wood, N., Berg, A., Hector, K., Jhetam, N., Moolman, S., Name, N., … Schudel, A. (1995). Service delivery aspects of a Child and Family Unit. Southern African Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 7(1), 46–53.

    Wood, N., & Wassenaar, D. R. (1989). Family characteristics of Indian parasuicide patients: A controlled study. South African Journal of Psychology, 19(3), 172–184. doi:10.1177/008124638901900308

    Conference Papers Wood, N. (1992). In-patient profile of adult and adolescent substance abusers, Lentegeur Hospital. Paper presented at the Psychological Association of South Africa congress, Cape Town.

    Conference Proceedings Wood, N. (2000). Cognitive assessment of deaf children. Paper presented at the Child Language Conference, City University, London.

    Unpublished Works Wood, N. (2003). Cognitive and linguistic profiles of hearing impaired children. Unpublished Doctor of Philosophy Dissertation. University of London.



    Narrative methodologies
    Children and Adolescent Mental Health
    Men’s Health



    GC6707: Developments and New Directions
    GC5706: Lifespan and Development
    BSc Counselling
    BPS Chartered Clinical Psychologist
    HCPC Registered Practitioner Psychologist