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Dr John William Walsh

Senior Lecturer

Architecture, Computing and Engineering (ACE)

Civil Engineer specialising in Geotechnical Engineering with over thirty years’ experience in Contracting, Consultancy, Teaching and Research

  • EB 1.66, Docklands Campus
    School of Architecture Computing and Engineering (ACE)
    University of East London
    4-6 University Way
    E16 2RD
  • +442082232572

    Dr John Walsh graduated with a BSc Hons degree in Civil Engineering followed by a PhD in Geotechnical Engineering from Leeds University and has subsequently gained approximately 30 years in the civil engineering industry, split roughly equally between working for contractors, consultants and in academia. His work for contractors has included geotechnical site investigation, utilities construction and infrastructure projects; for consultants has involved geotechnical design including earthworks, offshore and onshore foundations and in academia as a research assistant at Liverpool University and in lecturing posts at Loughborough and UEL. He has been a Senior Lecturer at UEL for 10 years, teaching across all civil engineering programmes but with main responsibilities for BEng and MSc Geotechnics and for Final Year Projects.


    Dr Walsh gained his PhD in geotechnical engineering from Leeds University 1988 for laboratory testing on the behaviour of brick faced fabric reinforced earth retaining walls. Subsequently worked as a research assistant at Liverpool University investigating performance of road accident occurrence and performance of road surface dressings. Current research interests are primarily centred on excavations and retaining structures and performance of deep foundations.


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    Current teaching and administrative responsibilities:

    Module Leader

    CE6102           Geotechnical Engineering Design

    CE6104           Individual Research Project

    CE6110           Dissertation

    EG7004           Soil Structure Engineering

    Contributor to

    CE5102           Geotechnical and Material Analysis

    CE5118           Geotechnical Properties

    EG7011           MSc Dissertation

    Management of BEng and BSc undergraduate Projects