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Dr Eric Taylor Woods

Senior Lecturer in Sociology

Social Sciences

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Sociology and Programme Leader for the BA (Hons) Sociology.

    I am a political and cultural sociologist with interests in the politics of identity, particularly in relation to nationalism, ethnicity, and religion. I also have an abiding interest in the politics of memory and trauma in former British settler colonies. Currently, I am co-writing a book for Oxford University Press on the resurgence of ethnic nationalism in America, France, and the UK.

    I completed my PhD at the London School of Economics. During my studies, I served as co-Chair of the Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism. Currently, I sit on the editorial boards of the journals Cultural Sociology and Nations and Nationalism, and I am a founding co-editor of The State of Nationalism. I’m also a Faculty Fellow at the Center for Cultural Sociology at Yale University, and a member of the Scientific Council of National Movements and Intermediary Structures in Europe.


    My main research project currently is a comparative analysis of the Twitter communication of ethno-nationalist leaders in America, France, and the UK. This research is funded by competitive grants from the British Academy (£10,000) and the Social Science Research Council of Canada ($75,000 CAD). I carry out the research in collaboration with Dr Robert Schertzer (University of Toronto), and with the assistance of an international team of 6 PhD researchers. The first major output from this project will be a monograph with Oxford University Press (forthcoming 2021). We also recently published an article in Ethnic and Racial Studies, which analyses nearly 6,000 of Trump’s tweets. A subsequent article comparing Trump’s Tweets with those of Marine Le Pen and is currently under preparation.

    My research interests also include an abiding concern with the politics of trauma and memory in the former British Empire. My recent book for Palgrave (2016) draws on archived printed media, documentaries, and oral history to analyse a long-running struggle over collective responsibility within Canadian Anglicanism over their role in forced assimilation and abuse of Indigenous Canadians. My book provided the basis for the 2019 ‘Tri-History’ conference – the leading conference for Anglican history in North America. My recent article in American Journal of Cultural Sociology (2019) proposes a new framework for analyzing memory politics through an analysis of Tate Britain’s 2016 ‘Artist and Empire.’ The article provides a new understanding of struggles over Britain’s imperial past, and prospects for a postcolonial national identity.




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    • 2020-2022. Principal Investigator, BA/Leverhulme Starting Grant, £10,000.
    • 2019-2021. Co-Investigator, Social Sciences Research Council (Canada) Insight Grant, $76,000 (CAD).
    • 2014-2022. Principal Investigator, NISE Project Grant, €88,000 (EURO).
    • 2013-2014. Principal Investigator, UEL Research Accelerator Grant, £5,000
    • 2010. Co-Investigator, British Academy Conference Support Fund, £4,000.
    • 2010. Principal Investigator, Canadian Centennial Doctoral Scholarship, £7,000.
    • 2009. Co-Investigator, LSE Seminar Series Grant, £4,000.
    • 2009. Principal Investigator, University of London Small Research Grant, £2,500.
    • 2007. Sanderson Scholarship for Study at LSE, £5,000.
    • 2007-2011. LSE PhD fellowship, £24,000.





    Politics of Memory

    Collective Trauma

    Collective Identity



    • SC6020 Culture, Media, and Politics
    • SC4014 Issues in Contemporary Society

    • SC4004 Constructions of Identity