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Dr Melanie Vitkovitch

Principal Lecturer

Cognition and Neuroscience (CAN)

I am a cognitive psychologist,  and I joined the School of Psychology as a lecturer in the early 1990s, after researching and teaching at a number of other universities.   

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    I am especially interested in understanding the cognitive processes involved in retrieving names for everyday objects. I carry out experimental and correlational work, which usually involves presenting pictures of objects on the screen of a computer, and measuring the time people take to name the pictures.  

    One interesting effect that has been found by researchers in this field is that naming times are slowed when pictures from the same category are named (e.g., several pictures of animals). So one aspect of my research is directed at understanding this kind of semantic interference effect.   

    Another task that involves name retrieval for semantically related items is the category fluency task. Here, people are asked to generate as many items as they can for a given category e.g., animals. I am interested in evaluating novel ways of assessing performance in this type of task.   

    Understanding the specific processes involved in category fluency and picture naming  is important, because both of these tasks are used by clinical neuropsychologists, when screening for memory or language difficulties.  


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    Current publications

    Publicly available research outputs are available to download from UEL's Research Open Access Repository (ROAR).

    Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

    Vitkovitch, M., Cooper-Pye, E., & Ali, L. (2010). The long and the short of it! Naming a set of prime words before a set of related picture targets at two different intertrial intervals. European Journal of Cognitive Psychology, 22(2), 161–171. doi:10.1080/09541440902743348

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    Conference Papers

    Vitkovitch, M. (2009). The effect on picture naming times of changing the skeletal structure of distractor non-words. Paper presented at the British Psychology Society: Cognitive Section, Hertfordshire.

    Vitkovitch, M., & Cooper-Pye, E. (2008). Mind the Gap! The effect of filling the inter-trial interval in the word and picture competitor priming paradigm. Paper presented at the British Psychology Society: Cognitive Section, Southampton.

    Research archive Peer-reviewed Journal Articles Vitkovitch, M., Cooper-Pye, E., & Leadbetter, A.G. (2006). Semantic priming over unrelated trials: evidence for different effects in word and picture naming. Memory & Cognition, 34(3), 715–725. doi:10.3758/BF03193590

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