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Mr Penda Tomlinson

Programme Leader for Computer Game Development

Media and Screen, Arts and Digital Industries (ADI)

Penda is the programme leader of BSc Computer Games Development and also teaches on the BA Computer Games Design (Story Development). He has a background as a designer and software developer across many industry sectors including games. His research interests include the impact on small subsystems on larger gameplay experiences and the interaction between digital and non-digital games and game design.

    Penda has a background in software development and design and has worked in several market sectors. Designing and developing business administration systems, websites and web applications and games.

    He teaches on both BA(Hons) Computer Games Design (Story Development) and BSc(Hons) Computer Game Development.

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    His game design research interests include the examination of sub-system design as a means to explore the design of the whole (currently game save systems) and the design and development of level editing tools.  Also the interaction between digital and non-digital games and game design.


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    Game design in digital and non-digital forms, board games and pen and paper roleplaying games.



    Current teaching

    Level 4

    Gameplay Development

    Game Analysis and Research

     Level 5

    Level Design

     Level 6

    Games Portfolio

    Previous Teaching

    Level 4

    Game Design

    Digital asset Production

    Game Programming

    Level 5

    Games research Methods

    Professional Practice

    Gameplay Programming

    Level 6
    Dynamic Gameplay Development