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Dr Mohammed Tasab

Laboratory Manager

School of Health, Sport and Bioscience

  • UH 2.43D, Stratford Campus
    School of Health Sport and Bioscience
    University of East London
    Water Lane
    E15 4LZ
  • +442082234094

    I hold the position of Laboratory Manager at UEL, following on from my previous post as Senior Scientific Officer. I have wide ranging experience from a variety of previous roles in academia and industry. This experience includes working in the pharmaceutical industry as a medical communications specialist, as the national engagement manager for UK PubMed Central [now European PubMed], Several posts as Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Manchester, Research Assistant and Research Technician also at the University of Manchester and Research Technician at the University of Exeter.

    My research interests include the assembly of structural proteins [esp. procollagen] within mammalian cells and the role of associated chaperone proteins. I have also carried out research into angiopoietins role in cell signalling and the mechanisms underlying bacterial persistence.

    I have also contributed to the development of two commercial patents held by the University of Manchester including one for the design of novel collagens and another for regulation of persistence in E.coli



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