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Dr David Bohua Tann

Head of School

Architecture, Computing and Engineering (ACE)

    David has twenty-six years of teaching, research and management experience in the UK higher education sector, starting as a lecturer, senior lecturer, principal lecturer and then took up academic leadership and managerial positions since 2005. As an academic, he has been actively engaging in curriculum development, validation, accreditation, student experience, international partnerships, student recruitment, external examination and a variety of committee activities. Prior to joining UEL he was the Assistant Dean (International) at the School of Engineering and Computing, University of the West of Scotland, having previously served as Head of Department at London South Bank University and Deputy Head of Department of Engineering at the then University of Glamorgan (now South Wales). He worked at British Coal South Wales and as a Structural Design Engineer in Cardiff for a number of years, structures that he was the main designer for include the Cardiff Copthorne Hotel and SHAW building in Wales. David was one of the youngest university graduates and tutors in China after graduating with a top student of the year award at the age of nineteen and before settling down in the UK.  

    His research interests are in the area of numerical modelling, sustainability, and strengthening of degraded concrete structures using fibre reinforced polymer composites, in particular the ductility and deformability issue of such structures of which he contributed to the UK Concrete Society’s design guides. He is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy; a Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers. He chairs the ICE’s Academic Qualifications Panel; and is a visiting professor of South China University of Technology; University of South China; Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, and Henan Polytechnic University in China. Outside academia, he is active in contributing to the society, having served as an Independent Advisor to the South Wales Police for a number of years till 2011, and assisted the Welsh Assembly Government in attracting inward investment from the Far East. He has also been an active member of the Scottish Parliament's Cross-Party Group on China till recently when he moved to UEL.  

    Chair - Academic Qualifications Panel, Institution of Civil Engineers 



    EPSRC - 2001 (£60K) (Results rated as “tend to outstanding”)
    Queening Hi-Tech, Taiwan 2000-2006 (£230K)
    DuPont (Switzerland) – 2003 (£37K)
    Exchem Mining and Construction Plc – 1999-2003 (£45K)
    Network Rail 2005 (£30K)
    RAEng International Travel Grants, 1999 & 2003 (£2K)
    RAEng 2011-2014 (£54K)
    Lighting Education Trust 2013-2017 (£10K)
    RAEng STEM Adaptor 2013-2014 (£7.5K)
    Erasmus+ Mobility Funds 2015 (£1K) 
    International Mobility fund (consortium of Chinese universities) 2016 (£15K)  
    Scottish Government Outward Mobility Funds 2016 (£9.8K with Dr Y. Liang)


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    Li, H. and Tann, D. B. (2016) “Civil Engineering Surveying,” Chongqing University Press, Chongqing, China. January 2016, (299 pages) ISBN 978-7-5624-9291-7.

    (This book has been adopted by a number of  Chinese universities as a standard text in their civil engineering programmes, taught via the medium of English)

    Journal and conference papers:
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