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Dr Abdel-Rahman H. Tawil

Senior Lecturer, School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering

  • KD 2.25, Docklands Campus
    School of Architecture Computing and Engineering (ACE)
    University of East London
    4-6 University Way
    E16 2RD
  • +442082236068
    Abdel-Rahman's research is focused on the development of semantic techniques for assistive technologies


    Much of Abdel-Rahman's research is focused on the development of semantic techniques for assistive technologies to support independent living for the elderly community within smart home areas of pervasive/ubiquitous wearable sensors environment, ontological modelling and it’s application for Activity of Daily Life (ADL) recognition.
    His research activities spans from inquisitiveness-driven theoretical exploration to applied problem-motivated technology and system development in the following principal areas.

    Metadata, formal knowledge representation, agent-based intelligent systems, especially the integration and interoperation of heterogeneous distributed information systems that support autonomy, learning, adaptability, personalisation and novel interactive interfaces.
    The enrichment of metadata with quality measures and knowledge from knowledge bases and ontologies to improve the conceptualisation of data semantics, especially semantic modelling, representation and reasoning that support data/information interoperability, reuse, sharing and intelligent information processing at higher level of automation.
    Pervasive computing, intelligent environment, context – aware modelling, activities representation and reasoning, especially, the developing of techniques for Activity of Daily Life (ADL) monitoring, recognition and prediction using wearable sensor systems. The modelling of ADLs, behaviour and intention analysis.
    Ambient Assisted Living, Smart Homes, especially, semantically enabled data/information sharing and reuse, ontology-based or logic-based ADL recognition and assistance, and the associated technology infrastructure with focus on proactively detection and prevention of unsafe activities before they become disastrous accidents.

    A summary of these research interest includes:

    Homecare alert eServices, personalised care delivery and intervention.
    Coordination of care for elderly patients with chronic diseases.
    ADLs recognition to support the independent living.
    Applications for sensor networks in Tele-health and Tele-homecare applications.
    Exploiting the semantics of resources and activities descriptions available in a patient surrounding environment.
    Adaptive learning and care actors profiling.

    Assistive technologies to support independent living for the elderly community.
    Smart home areas of pervasive/ubiquitous wearable sensors environments.
    Behaviour analysis and activities detection and recognition.
    Ontological modelling and its application for Activity of Daily Life (ADL) recognition.
    Event-driven notification and reactive rule processing
    Recognition of Interleaved Activities within Smart Environments


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    Abdel-Rahman has worked on several consultancy projects including:

    2011 - Search Engine Optimisation Analysis Report for Garden Essentials

    The work took into consideration key areas that need to be addressed in order to give Garden Essentials its best opportunity at achieving top search engine positioning.

    2011 – Mix Group interactive Video Development

    The work focused on key areas that need to be considered when developing the Mix Group interactive Video website in order to give the development team a clear structured overview of the services the project can provide for its users




    BSc, Year 3, Network Programming module, Computer Network courses
    BSc, Year 3, Web and Distributed Systems module, Computer Network courses
    BSc, Year 1, Computer Based Technologies module, Computer Network courses
    BSc, Year 1, Introduction to Software Development, Computer Network courses
    MSc, Introduction to the Semantic Web with focus on eHealth applications (Course taught in both English and French Language)

    Continuous Program Development (CPD) Course on Information Management in the Digital Environment with focus on Information management and organisation in the digital environment (Course taught in both English and Arabic Language). Topics covered during the course include:

    Data Sharing
    Cloud Computing
    Digital Repositories
    Web 2.0
    Data Mining
    Information Engineering
    Introduction to the Semantic Web.

    Past teaching

    Building Effective ASP. Net 2
    Server side applications using Visual Studio 2008

    Programming With VB .Net

    Advanced Database Systems

    Business Information Systems

    Internet Programming

    Object-Oriented Programming With Java

    Internet Computing

    Abdel-Rahman is currently supervising five research students in the areas of eHealth, adaptive learning, homecare coordination, and cybercrime including

    Semantically-Enabled Sensors networks of Homecare Alert eServices for Patients with Dementia - Semantic Safety
    A Semantic Rule-Based Approach for Supporting Personalised Adaptive Learning
    Personalised Adaptive e-learning for patients with ADHD
    The coordination of homecare between various actors involved in the care of elderly people at their homes
    A semantic approach for cyber-bulling monitoring, detection and prevention