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Sok-ho Trinh

Lecturer in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology

Positive Psychology, Leadership studies, Organizational behavior

    Sok-ho Trinh | BSc, MSc, MBA, ORSC, CPCC, PhD researcher

    Sok-ho Trinh has always lived his life with Passion. He helps people grow their Passion so that they can thrive.

    Words, roles which have been used to characterise Sok-ho: Passionologist, global-minded business leader, CEO, singer/performer, wellbeing and career executive coach, a university lecturer, a social and behavioural researcher, a speaker and a father.

    He spent 15 years working in global organisations in retail and consumer analytics senior executive roles and as an entrepreneur. He has also served as an advisory board member and a mentor to social enterprises.

    Encouraged by his longing to ignite people's Passion, Sok-ho got committed to various people initiatives in the space of leadership development, organisational culture, and diversity and inclusion. This also encouraged him to create his own personal development practice.

    Moved by the tragedy experienced by his own family, survivor of the Cambodian genocide in the 1970s, and inspired by passionate role models met in his life, Sok-ho was called by his longing to give back to the world.

    He launched a movement that he calls "Passionology" which aims at unleashing people's Passion for the world to thrive sustainably. This concretised with the formation of Institute of Passion, a well-being and cross-disciplinary scientific institute and with his PhD research on the topic of Passion.

    His Passion to grow individuals motivated Sok-ho to be a permanent university lecturer in the ground-breaking MSc in applied positive psychology and coaching psychology (MAPPCP) at the University of East London to promote wellbeing.

    Raised in France, from Chinese parents born in Cambodia, Sok-ho speaks 8 languages.

    Sok-ho holds a BSc (Hons), a MSc (Hons), and a top-tier MBA. He is a certified coach and a PhD researcher in Positive Psychology, Leadership studies and Organisational Behaviour.

    Bridging science to art, Sok-ho is a trained professional singer-performer represented by a well-respected agent. He received training in singing, dancing, and acting. He is a member of a musical theatre society and a dance company. His credits include musicals and singing gigs. He is also an ethnic portrait/travel photographer who travelled to more than 65 countries.

    His motto in life is "Live your Life with Passion."


    Passion in Leadership

    Passionate Leadership in Organizations (PLIO)

    Passion, Purpose, Positivity, Power


    University of East London, 2018, Crossing Conceptual Boundaries, a peer-reviewed graduate publication, PhD Annual Yearbook New Series Volume X, PP: 67-92 (ISSN 2041 - 9090)



    Research and consultancy interests:
    - Passion, purpose
    - Positive psychology
    - Positive Leadership
    - Passionate Leadership
    - Positive psychology coaching
    - intercultural management and positive psychology