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Professor Oona Scott

Emeritus Professor of Neurophysiology

 Oona Scott's multidisciplinary research focuses on how physical activity impacts physiological function and mitigates the effects of disease and or trauma in children, adults and elderly people


    Recent Publications

    Moorley C, Cahill C,Tunariu A, Scott O (2014) Impact of stroke: a functional, psychological report of an inner-city multiracial population. Primary Health Care, 24, 4, 26 -34

    Stephensen, D., Drechsler, W. I., & Scott, O. M. (2014). Outcome measures monitoring physical function in children with haemophilia: a systematic review. Haemophilia 20, 306-321.

    Stephensen D, Drechsler WI & Scott OM. (2014). Influence of ankle plantar flexor muscle architecture strength on gait in boys with haemophilia in comparison to typically developing children. Haemophilia, 20, 413-420

    Stephensen D, Drechsler W, & Scott O. (2012). Comparison of muscle strength and in-vivo muscle morphology in young children with haemophilia and those of age-matched peers. Haemophilia, 18, e302-e310.

    Stephensen, D, Drechsler, WI, & Scott, OM. (2012) Biomechanics of lower limb haemophilic arthropathy. Blood Reviews, 26, 213-221.

    Morris MG, Dawes H, Howells K, Scott OM, Cramp MC, and Izadi H (2012) Alterations in peripheral muscle contractile characteristics following high and low intensity bouts of exercise. European Journal of Applied Physiology (2012) 112, 1, 337-343

    Morris M. G, Dawes H., Howells K., Scott OM, Cramp M, & Izadi H. (2010) Muscle contractile characteristics: relationship to high-intensity exercise. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 110, 295-300.

    Cramp M.C., Greenwood R.J., Gill M., Lehmann A., Rothwell J.C., Scott O.M. (2010). Effectiveness of a community-based low intensity exercise programme for ambulatory stroke survivors. Disability & Rehabilitation, 32, 239-247

    Stephensen D, Drechsler W, Winter M, Scott O. (2009). Biomechanical comparison of gait parameters of young children with haemophilia and those of age matched peers.
    Haemophilia 15, 509–518

    Morris M.G., Dawes H., Howells K., Scott O.M. and Cramp M.C. (2008) Muscle Fatigue characteristics: relationship with markers of endurance performance. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, 4:431-436

    Chapters in Books
    Cramp M.C. & Scott O.M. (2008). Sensory and motor nerve activation. Chapter 5 in Watson T. (ed) Electrotherapy - Evidence Based Practice 12th Ed. Churchill Livingstone, Edinburgh ISBN: 978-0-10179-3

    Cramp M.C. & Scott O.M. (2008). Neuromuscular electrical stimulation: nerve-muscle interaction. Chapter 14 in Watson T. (ed) Electrotherapy - Evidence Based Practice 12th Ed. Churchill Livingstone, Edinburgh
    ISBN: 978-0-10179-3.


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    Drechsler WI, Cramp MC, & Scott OM (2006) Changes in muscle strength and EMG median frequency after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Eur.J.Appl.Physiol, 98, 613-623.

    Chapters in books Scott OM. (1980). Systemic Lupus erythematous, chapter 10 in "Physiotherapy in Rheumatology". edited by Hyde SA, published by Blackwell Scientific Publications, Edinburgh Hyde SA. Scott OM, Goddard CM, Dubowitz V. (1982) Prolongation of ambulation in Duchenne muscular dystrophy by Appropriate Orthoses, in "Psycho social aspects of Muscular dystrophy and allied diseases" edited by Charach L. et al, published by Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, Illinois, 19-35.

    Dubowitz V, Hyde SA, Scott OM, Goddard CM. (1984) Controlled trial of exercise in Duchenne muscular dystrophy in "Neuromuscular diseases" edited by G. Serratrice et al., Raven Press, New York, 571-575.



    External funding while at Hammersmith Hospital, London 1990 – 1994

    Muscular Dystrophy Group of Great Britain , Funded by 2 MRC project grants, Holder 1 MRC
    project grant

    External Grants awarded with collaborators while at University of East London  1994-

    Nuffield Foundation Undergraduate research bursaries (1999, 2000), Physiotherapy Research
    Foundation (1994), Stroke Association (1999, 2000), South-East Essex Education and Training
    Consortium (2000), North Thames Regional Health Authority Research and Development
    Directorate (1996) Science Research Foundation (2002), (2004) ,





    Completed PhD supervision

    2013 Cultural factors, hypertension and their relation to cerebrovascular disease among Black women in the London Borough of Newham

    2011 Muscle and gait characteristics of children with haemophilia

    2008 Biomechanical analysis of stair climbing and gait: impact of hip and knee osteoarthritis

    2008 Skin and bony marker error in analysis of hip, pelvis and lumbar spine movement

    2008 Biomechanical analysis of stair climbing and gait: impact of hip and knee osteoarthritis

    2006 Cultural identity and health beliefs in a community-based rehabilitation programme:  Implications for Physiotherapy Practice and goal setting

    2005 Effect of aerobic training in patients following acquired brain injury

    2004 Effect of aerobic training on functional activities in patients following acquired brain injury

    2002 Quadriceps femoris muscle activation: Evaluation after major knee injury

    2001 Perception of fatigue and exertion during a cycling test in brain injured subjects

    1998 Alterations in human muscle and central control mechanisms

    External examiner for research degrees in UK institutions
    1994-2006 Examined 4 PhDs at Universities of Manchester, Edinburgh, Birmingham and London

    1998 Organised 3 day scientific international meeting on Human Motor Performance: Interaction between Science and Therapy followed by 2 day Clinical Seminar at University of East London

    2002-2005 External examiner MSc Rehabilitation Sciences & MSc in Childhood Disability, University of Southampton

    2009-2012 Member of Steering Group Dr William M Scholl Podiatric Research & Development Fund