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Ms Kim Louise Stevenson

Art and Design Lecturer (Foundation)

I work on the Art and Design Foundation Degree

    Kim Stevenson is an Australian, London based fashion designer, who is the founder of sustainable fashion brand The Autonomous Collections. It is through her unwavering love of ethical practices and sustainability, which grew from a pressing concern for the environment, that she created this responsible brand.

    Kim’s vision is to revive and challenge our sense of self; to inspire subcultures and youth movements to express their respect and love for their environment.
    The Autonomous Collections embodies the spirit of self-expression, stimulating your senses with unique, global garment construction techniques and embellishments carried down through artisanal traditions; an intrinsic part of our collective identity and history.

    Kim has won a series of awards from Fashion Scout’s, ones to watch to community funded projects and has been involved with many charitable organisations.



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    Subject Areas
    - Art and Design
    - Fashion