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Dr Helen Stanyon

Senior Scientific Officer

Senior scientific officer providing support in Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Science and Chemistry.

    Helen started her position as Senior Scientific Officer at UEL in August 2016.

    Helen received her BSc (Hons) in Pharmacology from the University of Southampton.

    She subsequently obtained a PhD in Biological Sciences from Queen Mary, University of London before undertaking a post-doctoral research position in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge.




    Serum Albumin's Protective Inhibition of Amyloid-Beta Fiber Formation is Suppressed by Cholesterol, Fatty Acids and Warfarin 

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    Decreasing Amyloid Toxicity Through an Increased Rate of Aggregation

    S Sonzini, HF Stanyon, OA Scherman. 2017. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 19 (2), 1458-1465.

    Copper (II) Sequentially Loads Onto the N-Terminal Amino Group of the Cellular Prion Protein Before the Individual Octarepeats

    HF Stanyon, K Patel, N Begum, JH Viles. 2014. Biochemistry. 53 (24), 3634-3939.

    Developing Predictive Rules for Coordination Geometry from Visible Circular Dichroism of Copper (II) and Nickel (II) ions in Histidine and Amide Main-Chain Complexes

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    Human Serum Albumin Regulates Amyloid-Beta Peptide Fiber Growth in the Brain Interstitium: Implications for Alzheimer Disease

    HF Stanyon, JH Viles. 2012. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 287 (33), 28163-28168.