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Dr Claudine Saint-Arroman

Senior Lecturer, Architecture Design, and History & Theory

Design Department, Goldsmiths University

    I am a registered architect specialised in the residential and community sector, currently combining post-doctoral research with teaching architecture.

    My PhD research (Viva passed in mid-December 2017) explored alternative ways of viewing the residential boundary which would give opportunities for flexibility and transaction/transition between architecturally defined public and private realms - to host social and environmental cycles of sustainability at all levels. My thesis was informed by the relational meaning of ecology and the closely related paradoxes that binary strategies (including air-tightness) can impose on architectural design. It proposed that this 'line' should provide choice, to regulate enclosure and exposure as and when required, in order to host possibilities of collaboration between sides as well as those of competition.

    This research was confined to high density housing in London (spanning 300 years), but I have now relocated to Leeds for family reasons, while still working in London three days a week. My thesis, however, continues guiding the same enquiry. I am working on a proposed research on the former social and environmental contributions of Leed's prolific Victorian lodges (which 'fall' in between architectural categories and yet incarnate historic versions of a negotiable and hybrid zone between sides). I am also investigating the very different house types prevalent in Leeds, not least of which back-to-back prototypes that separate utilitarian matters from 'fronts', and ways in which these might provide unusual scenarios in terms of appropriation towards urban sustainability.



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