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Dr Helen Reddington

Senior Lecturer in Music Production


    (Forthcoming) release of The Best of the Chefs archive BBC recordings on Damaged Goods |
    (Forthcoming) publication of The Lost Women of Rock Music: female musicians of the punk era, Equinox (this is a revised paperback edition of the book previously published by Ashgate with further interview material and photographs) |
    Reddington, Helen (2008) The Lost Women of Rock Music: female musicians of the punk era, London:Ashgate|
    Reddington, Helen (2005) The Forgotten Revolution of the Female Punk Musicians in the 1970s, in The Peace Review (subcultures issue), Carfax|
    Reddington, Helen (2004) Hands Off My Instrument, in Randall, Annie (ed) Music, Power and Politics, London:Routledge |
    Reddington, Helen (2003) Lady Punks in Bands: a subculturette? In Muggleton, David (ed) the Post-subcultures Reader, London:Berg|
    Music CDs:
    McCookerybook, Helen (2010) Take One, Voiceprint
    McCookerybook, Helen and Stephenson, Martin (2009) Hamilton Square, Voiceprint


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    The Lost Women of Rock Music: Female Musicians of the Punk Era

    Helen Reddington. 2012. Equinox.



    Research into punk, subcultures and music scenes; research into women and studio technology in pop; development of songwriting courses in unusual contexts.



    PA1000 Study Skills;
    PA 2302 Songwriting and Production;
    PA3002 Performing Arts Placement
    Music Cultures
    Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
    Performing Arts Society
    Mechanical Copyright Society
    Musician's Union