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Ratan Phamber

Technical Services Assistant

Arts and Digital Industries (ADI)

Ratan Phamber is a Technical Services Assistant in the School of ADI, at the University Square Stratford Campus. He operates and maintains the Equipment Store, ensures the smooth and efficient running of technical equipment, and is a primary source for technical support. He also teaches as a Technical Demonstrator in various software and hardware related workshops.

    As a Technical Services Assistant i am able to stay close to all the action, while being a primary source of support. This allows me to stay close to the multimedia field i so thoroughly enjoy to be a part of, and while also expanding out to new horizons and meeting the ever growing community of talented people.

    With over a decade of multimedia design experience and a BSc degree in Multimedia, I have been employed in various organisations and educational institutions. My multitude of skills also vary from technical and supportive roles to instructional and teaching roles. Through these broad range of positions i have been able to be part of the ever growing and evolving world of digital multimedia. From the advancement in film and music technologies, to the world of the internet and the evolution of humanity as an ever growing global community.

    In the end, i love to be creative and i love to help people. Doing both together is simply perfect.



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    My interests are vast and broad. Having worked and researched in the field of multimedia, i am deeply integrated into many different forms of it.

    I have great interests in film and writing, and love to write both creatively or simply copywriting. Writing for film is something i am eager to work towards and have a novel in the works that would make for a creative piece fit for many different mediums..

    I am also very arty. I draw, paint and create and getting my hands dirty into a new creation is something that always excites me each and every time. The idea of conjuring imaginative concepts and perspectives from mind to canvas keeps my mind in it's ever imaginative state.