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Dr Milda Perminiene (nee Astrauskaite)

Senior Lecturer in Occupational Psychology

School of Psychology, Psychological Interventions' Subject Area, Psychology

I am a programme leader for BSc (Hons) Business Psychology. A senior lecturer, teaching on MSc Occupational and Organisational Psychology and MSc Business Psychology programmes. I am a researcher and students’ dissertation supervisor, who is extremely passionate about evidence-based applications in organisations. In addition, I am a dignity advisor and a member of Athena Swan gender equality action group at the School of Psychology

    Milda Perminiene finished Master and PhD studies in the area of Organisational/ Occupational Psychology. Her main research interests include stressful working environment, job design, exposure to workplace bullying, leadership, and individual differences at work. 

    At the University of East London, School of Psychology she teaches two postgraduate modules, i.e. Helping Organisations to Change and Research Methods (Part 1 and 2). She supervises students' dissertations at the two Master level programmes: MSc in Occupational Psychology and MSc in Business Psychology

    Chartered Psychologist (BPS)
    Fellow member of HEA
    External Examiner (King's College) 


    Throughout the years I have been focusing on several different areas of research within the field of organisational and business psychology. I have published 14 papers and over the last three years, I gave 20 presentations at different conferences worldwide. In 2019 one of my MSc supervisees was awarded by BPS for excellence in student research.

    My previous research was mainly focusing on aggressive behavior, workplace bullying and harassment at work. I have recently got interested in a topic of emotional labour. For my research, I am applying tools of both: qualitative and quantitative research, including experimental research, cross-sectional survey studies, focus groups and individual interviews, and using thematic analysis, MPlus, SPSS, and SAS as ways of analysing the data. 


    2017 07 10-14   Training in International Institute of Arts, Barcelona (Public speech, improving lecturing skills)

    2016 03 15-21   Internship in California State University

    2015 11 07-08 Limbic Brain anatomy course. King’s College, London, UK

    2015 09 19 - 29 Study visit at the European University of Rome 

    2014 12 08-13 Internship in University of Cambridge. Learning structural equation modeling with Mplus

    2014 10 27 – 10 31  Internship at the University of Bergen

    2014 05 04 – 05 09 Internship at the University of Bergen

    2012 10 13 - 11 21    Internship in California State University


    Most recent research:

    Emotional labour and aggression at work: Does acting out emotions deplete resources and lead to aggressive behaviour at work? 


    • Reader
      Teresa D'Oliveira


    Embracing imperfection: contemporary fashion communication and consumer well-being.

    Lai, Y., & Perminiene, M.. 2020. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management: An International Journal..

    Lifestyle, conflict solving styles, and exposure to workplace bullying

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    Detrimental effects of workplace bullying: impediment of self-management competence via psychological distress

    Giorgi, G., Perminiene, M., Montani, F., Fiz-Perez, J., Mucci, N., & Arcangeli, G.. 2016. Frontiers in Psychology.

    Deterring role of transformational leadership and core job characteristics on work harassment

    Astrauskaite, M., Medisauskaite, A., Notelaers, G., Kern, R.M.. 2015. Scandinavian Journal of Management.

    An Individual Psychology approach toward underlying factors of workplace bullying

    Astrauskaite, M., Kern, R.M., Notelaers, G.. 2014. Journal of Individual Psychology.

    A lifestyle perspective on victims of workplace harassment

    Astrauskaite, M., Kern, R.M.. 2011. Journal of Individual Psychology.

    Job satisfaction survey: A confirmatory factor analysis based on secondary school teachers' sample

    Astrauskaite, M., Vaitkevicius, R., Perminas, A.. 2011. International Journal of Business and Management.

    Sickness, colleagues' harassment in teachers' work and emotional exhaustion

    Astrauskaite, M., Perminas, A., Kern, R.M.. 2010. Medicina (Kaunas).


    2012   Coordination and implementation of the research project, titled "Work bullying: significance of organizational, psychological factors and lifestyle as a moderator" (Registration No. MIP-12101). Project funded by the Lithuanian Board of Science   2010   Coordination and implementation of the research project, titled "Causes and prevalence of colleagues' work harassment in service organizations", (No. of contract: MIP-144/2010). Project funded by the Lithuanian Board of Science


    Emotional labour and emotion regulation
    Workplace bullying and harassment
    Minority groups at the workplace
    Stressful work environment 


    GC7412 Health and Wellbeing at Work (level 7)
    PY6332 Entrepreneurialism: Traits, strategies and performance (level 6)