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Dr Milda Perminiene (nee Astrauskaite)

Senior Lecturer in Occupational Psychology

School of Psychology, Psychological Interventions' Subject Area, Psychology

According to Alfred Adler, work is one of the three life tasks that contributes or deters happiness of an individual. Research on the stressful working environment, employee well-being and dysfunctional workplace relationships help me identifying factors that allow one to be happier and healthier at work. 

    Milda Perminiene finished Master and PhD studies in the area of Organisational/ Occupational Psychology. Her main research interests include stressful working environment, job design, exposure to workplace bullying, leadership, and individual differences at work. 

    At the University of East London, School of Psychology she teaches two postgraduate modules, i.e. Helping Organisations to Change and Research Methods (Part 1 and 2). She supervises students' dissertations at the two Master level programmes: MSc in Occupational Psychology and MSc in Business Psychology


    2017 -

    Emotional labor and workplace relationships 


    Coping with stressful working environment (individual and situational resources) 


    Research on psychosocial hazards at work in remand prison (qualitative and quantitative research) 


    Research on potential causes of workplace bullying, lifestyle, job characteristics, transformational leadership, conflict handling styles, and health


    Research on the outcomes of workplace harassment among teachers in Lithuania


    2017 07 10-14                Training in International Institute of Arts, Barcelona (Public speech, improving lecturing skills)

    2016 03 15-21   Internship in California State University

    2015 11 07-08 Limbic Brain anatomy course. King’s College, London, UK

    2015 09 19 - 29 Study visit at the European University of Rome 

    2014 12 08-13 Internship in University of Cambridge. Learning structural equation modeling with Mplus. 

    2014 10 27 – 10 31        Internship at the University of Bergen. 

    2014 05 04 – 05 09 Internship at the University of Bergen. 

    2012 10 13 - 11 21    Internship in California State University


    • Reader
      Teresa D'Oliveira


    Lifestyle, conflict solving styles, and exposure to workplace bullying

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    Detrimental effects of workplace bullying: impediment of self-management competence via psychological distress

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    Deterring role of transformational leadership and core job characteristics on work harassment

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    A lifestyle perspective on victims of workplace harassment

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    Job satisfaction survey: A confirmatory factor analysis based on secondary school teachers' sample

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    Sickness, colleagues' harassment in teachers' work and emotional exhaustion

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    2012   Coordination and implementation of the research project, titled "Work bullying: significance of organizational, psychological factors and lifestyle as a moderator" (Registration No. MIP-12101). Project funded by the Lithuanian Board of Science   2010   Coordination and implementation of the research project, titled "Causes and prevalence of colleagues' work harassment in service organizations", (No. of contract: MIP-144/2010). Project funded by the Lithuanian Board of Science


    Stressful working environment

    Exposure to workplace bullying

    Job design

    Conflicts at work 


    Personality dynamics within organisational context

    Emotional labor


    These are the three main modules that I currently lead and teach on:

    GC7404, Research Methods and Dissertation, part 1 is a module that provides with a toolbox of resources towards the elaboration of a research project proposal. The module covers such topics as:

    -Conceptual and epistemological issues in applied psychological research

    -Implementing literature review and designing research questions

    -Study design and instrument selection

    -Sampling strategies in data collection and choice of a statistical procedure

    -Theoretical introduction to qualitative research

    This module (GC7405) is the second part of the Research Methods and Dissertation pack. The aim of this module is to provide with practical skills on how to manage quantitative and qualitative data. The modules covers such topics as: 

    -Writing and publishing your dissertation; introduction to the quantitative data analysis

    -Quantitative data analysis: Identifying relationships 

    -Quantitative data analysis: Comparing groups 

    -Quantitative data analysis: Identifying relationships with several independent variables

    -Qualitative data analysis: Data collection

    -Qualitative data analysis: Data analysis

    This module ensures the student develops a critical understanding of how organisations respond to changes in their environment and how the OP can help organisations effect
    meaningful and long-term change. The topics include: 

    -Understanding and evaluating organisational culture

    -Organisational change models 


    -Resistance to change: individual, organisational level