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Danielle Pee

Senior Lecturer

Cass School of Education and Communities

Danielle works as a Senior Lecturer at the Cass School of Education and Communities and as a specialist consultant with educators, where she focuses on the importance of nurturing authenticity, resilience and belonging in school communities. 

    I have over 10 years' international experience designing and implementing capacity building programmes for parents, caregivers and educators - programmes that promote participatory inquiry and social and emotional learning.

    I am currently collaborating with PGCE trainers in the UK to explore how the PGCE can be used as a vehicle to create a new generation of educators - educators who can play a crucial role in nurturing authenticity, trust, resilience and belonging in school communities. My motivation is a simple one: the ugly face of prejudice, violence, ignorance and apathy to social injustice shows itself when the heart is uneducated. We can only break cycles of violence and create spaces for healing and human flourishing when we educate for authenticity, trust and resilience, and when we develop the capacities for listening and reflective dialogue, develop caring concern for others, recognise and manage our emotions and become builders of unity and champions of justice. This work is as fundamental as numeracy, literacy and classroom planning.

    Social and Emotional learning within a framework of community building, brought to scale, can and will play a significant role in shifting our culture of systemic inequality and violence towards a new ethos that values and prioritises collaboration and partnership.

    My research interests are in inner voice, agency and well-being and the relational nature of oppression or empowerment in families, intimate partner relationships and school communities.

    Journal of International Development


    My PhD research is underpinned by the desire to improve the quality of teacher training around the globe. While I have greatly enjoyed the intellectual exercise of my PhD research, I have an even stronger wish to make a difference with my studies. As a result I have translated my data findings into a participatory based psycho-social educational programme for parents, caregivers and educators - the Early Years Education Programme. The 5 day programme draws on the pedagogical principles of Paulo Freire' work and aims to empower families and communities to help every child get the best start in life. The programme has been facilitated in grassroots action learning sets with over 850 participatory groupsworldwide.