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Joe Osborne

Technical Assistant - Games and Digital Media

Arts and Digital Industries (ADI), Media and Screen

Joe is Technical Assistant to Games and Digital Media in the ADI school. He assists with scheduled classes, provides support to students and maintains the ludology studios. He is familiar with a wide variety of game production tools.

    Joe has four years of experience developing gameplay with a variety of technologies. While most familiar with the Unity game engine, he has also developed games for the command line using C++, created demos with Stencyl and implemented gameplay in Unreal engine. He is also familiar with a wide range of asset production tools, including Adobe CC products, Autodesk 3D tools and others, such as Audacity. He also has some experience with web development and design.

    He is proficient in a number of computer languages, including C#, C++, JavaScript, PHP, HTML and CSS.

    Joe graduated from UEL in 2015 with a 1st class BSc (Hons) degree in Computer Games Development. He is interested in just about anything that can be taken apart, broken down and played with. His dissertation looked into models of constructing games in a manner flexible enough to support a range of visual impairments, with the aim of finding a model that was potentially viable to accelerate development of accessible games.

    He loves problem solving and has an appreciation for simple, effective designs in games as in other things. Outside of games, he is interested in technology, travel, photography and (human) languages.


    Joe has a wide range of personal and professional interests, some of which are detailed below.

    In his spare time Joe enjoys photography, video games, web development, tinkering with PCs, cooking, technology and reading - particularly fantasy novels.
    Joe's professional interests include Game Engines, Accessible Games, Unity Extensions, Gameplay Programming, Video Game Interaction and clever Game Systems design.


    • Crane's Roost Website

      Joe is the developer, designer and maintainer for this holiday villa rental website.

      Crane's Roost


    Joe does not teach but does assist with many practical workshops inside the area of Media and Screen. He also runs a workshop for Level 6 Games Students wishing to get started with Unreal Engine. Details these can be found below.

    Joe mainly assists with modules from UEL's Games programs but also assists in other workshops from around the department.

    Game Programming
    This Computer Game Development module is focused on learning to program games and gameplay using C#.

    Game Development
    This module introduces games students from both games programs to the fundamental concepts of developing gameplay and creating and integrating 2D and 3D assets into a game. It uses a variety of technologies.

    Dynamic Gameplay Programming
    This Computer Game Development module is based around creating dynamic gameplay using advanced game engine features such as animation, particle effects and physics. The module is based in Unity and C#.

    Level Design
    This module for both games programs has students use Unity and Unreal with a set of pre-defined behaviours to create gameplay in a level environment. They must consider many factors such as space, multiple gameplay styles and balancing difficulty. Students design levels to fit design briefs.

    Game Studio
    This module for all games students sees them come together in teams to work on a production game over the course of their final year. They are free to use any technologies they choose, however many use Unity as it is familiar.
    Joe has developed a series of workshops in Unreal engine to parallel some of the content from the Level Design module. This workshop is currently open to final year games students and includes an introduction to Unreal's interface and asset workflows, level editing in unreal and creating behaviour and user interfaces using Unreal's Blueprints scripting language.