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Dr Zinnia Mevawalla

Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Studies

Cass School of Education and Communities

Zinnia is a senior lecturer in the Cass School of Education and Communities. She teaches on the Early Childhood Studies and Special Education Needs programmes at the undergraduate level. Zinnia is primarily interested in research conducted with young children and families in diverse, marginalised and disadvantaged contexts. Her focus is on research in early childhood that explores resistance, social justice, critical consciousness and inclusive education .

    Zinnia is a senior lecturer in Early Childhood Studies at the Cass School of Education and Communities. Zinnia has a range of academic, teaching and research experience in the early years. She first qualified with a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education)(Hons) from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. She then worked as an early years practitioner (Sydney, Australia) before gaining international experience in teaching and research in India, Cambodia and Timor Leste. Zinnia then completed her PhD whilst working on research and teaching teams at the Institute of Early Childhood in Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia). Her doctorate focused on young children living on the streets in Mumbai, India and their experiences of critical consciousness, social justice and resistance. 

    Reviewer for the Journal of Critical Education Policy Studies (JCEPS)

    Member of the Asia Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood (ARNEC)


    Zinnia is interested in the experiences of children, families and communities in diverse, marginalised, fragile and disadvantaged contexts. She is also interested in research that looks at children as active and critical citizens, and on how the early years can contribute to community development and broader social goals (such as equality, fairness and inclusion). Her doctorate focused on how and why young children living on the streets in Mumbai, India understood and chose to resist against the dominant culture and social injustice. Zinnia also concentrates on inclusive education and research which uses diverse and meaningful methods to listen to young children's perspectives.

    Mevawalla, Z. (September 9, 2014). Resistance/Defiance: Young children's critical consciousness and the role of opposition - possibilities for social justice. Paper presented at the EECERA Conference, University of Crete, Crete, Greece. 

    Hayden, J., Britt, C., Mevawalla, Z., & Palkhiwala, S. (June 12, 2013). The game-changers: Towards a redefined notion of quality ECE through the meaningful participation of children in research projects. Paper presented at the OMEP Conference, East China Normal University, Shanghai, China. 

    Hayden, J., Britt, C., Palkhiwala, S., & Mevawalla, Z. (July 8, 2012). This is who we are! How very young children from marginalised groups perceive their place in the world. Paper presented at the Childhood: A person's project Conference, Mansfield College, Oxford University, Oxford, United Kingdom.

    Hayden, J., Britt, C., Mevawalla, Z., & Palkhiwala, S. (July 4, 2012). The other side of the mirror: Children's participation in moving beyond prevailing discourses of children and childhood. Paper presented at the Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference, Censier Campus, Sorbonne Nouvelle University, Paris, France.


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    ED4009 Perspectives of Early Childhood Development

    ED4034 Pedagogy: Supporting Development in the Early Years

    ED5000: Social, Mental and Emotional Health Issues

    ED6007: Early Childhood Research Dissertation

    ED6014: Children, Culture and Globalisation