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Dr Ayo Mansaray

Senior Lecturer

The International Centre for Public Pedagogy, <br>, Cass School of Education and Communities

I am a sociologist of education in the Cass School of Education and Communities. I teach on the Education Studies Undergraduate Programme and supervise students conducting doctoral research in Cass.

    Prior to working at UEL, I was a Lecturer in Education at Brunel University and a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies in Education (IPSE) at London Metropolitan University. I  am a sociologist of education, with interests in educational inequalities  (particularly in urban contexts) – of race/ethnicity, gender and social class – and in understanding how urban social change inflects educational identities and processes.  My work is informed by Bourdieusian concepts and concerns (including feminist developments and appropriations) with forms of social structuring. A further theoretical influence is the micro-sociological approach as represented by Erving Goffman, and more latterly Randall Collins, Frederick Erickson and Thomas Scheff, and their emphasis on social interaction as a locus of agency and processes of mutual influence. Methodologically, I favour ethnographic and qualitative approaches to the study of social contexts, interactions and talk.
    My PhD thesis ‘The roles and positions of teaching assistants in two urban primary schools: An ethnographic study of educational work and urban social change’ won the Institute of Education Director’s Thesis Prize in 2013. I was the recipient of a Churchill Travelling Fellowship in 2013 which has enabled me to develop a comparative and international dimension to my research by visiting the USA and Finland. During the spring of 2016 I was a visiting scholar in the Department of Sociology, University of Porto. During spring and summer 2013, I was a visiting scholar at The Paraprofessional Resource and Research Center, at the University of Colorado Denver; the College of Education and Social Services at the University of Vermont; and the Department of Teacher Education at the University of Turku.

    PhD – Sociology of Education (Institute of Education, University of London)

    MSc – Research Methods in the Social Sciences (Middlesex University)

    MA – Philosophy  (University of Sheffield)

    BA – Philosophy (University of East Anglia)

    Churchill Travelling Fellowship 2013

    SAGE Prize for Innovation and/or Excellence 2013

    Institute of Education doctoral thesis prize 2012

    Economic and Social Research Council doctoral award

    Humanities Research Board Masters Studentship

    A fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA)

    A member of the British Sociological Association (BSA)

    A member of the British Educational Research Association (BERA)

    An associate of the Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI)

    A member of the American Educational Research Association (EERA)


      I have worked on a range of large and politically-significant research projects evaluating education policies for the Department for Education, as well as smaller projects funded by charities and foundations over the past decade. Broadly, my work until now has been in the following areas:

      ·       Educational inequalities of race, gender and social class, in schooling and higher education

      ·       Theorising the roles and positions of teaching assistants in schools

      ·       Gentrification and education

      ·       The formation of educators’ identities, careers, and educational work

      ·       Urban schooling and educational policy and reform

      ·       Young people’s learning in informal settings and educational aspirations for the future

      Student transformations at UEL (with Tom Boronski and Dr Alpesh Maisuria funded by the Office of Civic Engagement)

      Arts Award Longitudinal Impact Study (with Dr Sumi Hollingworth, Yvonne Robinson, Evangelia Chaligianni, and Anna Paraskevopoulou, funded by Trinity College London and Arts Council England)

      Gentrification and its 'Others'  (with Dr Rhiannon Firth)

      Conference presentations

      ·       Mansaray, A, (2016), Habitus and the interaction ritual: Ethnographic explorations in the study of urban schools, Institute of Sociology, University of Porto, Portugal, May 2016

      ·       Mansaray, A, (2016), Humour in the (re)production of everyday school culture: emotions and the interactional ritual, Can we learn together? Researching the daily life of Education - Research seminar – Institute of Education, University College London, 15th January

      ·       Mansaray, A, (2014), Teaching Assistants and Inclusion in Two Different Educational Systems, Cass Education Research Seminar, December, 2014

      ·       Mansaray, A, (2013) Teaching assistants in the English Education System, University of Colorado Denver, April, 2013

      ·       Mansaray, A, (2013) Narratives from gentrifying elementary schools, Ethnography as Counter Narrative: Reclaiming the Local in Educational Policy & Practice, 34th Annual Ethnography in Education Forum, , Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, February 2013

      ·       Mansaray, A, (2013), From Plowden to workforce remodelling and beyond: the socio-political construction of primary school teaching assistants’ work and roles, University of Bedfordshire, Institute for Research in Education, January, 2013

      ·       Mansaray, A, (2013) From Plowden to workforce remodelling and beyond: the socio-political construction of primary school teaching assistants’ work and roles, Brunel University, Institute for Research in Education, January, 2013

      ·       Mansaray, A, (2012). Re-Examining Relations of Social Class in Urban Primary Schools: An Exploration of Staff Experiences of Gentrification, British Sociological Association Annual Conference, April, University of Leeds

      ·       Hollingworth, S. and Mansaray, A. (2010). Theorising ‘Social Mixing’ and the Implications for the Study of Youth, paper given at Youth 2010: Identities, Transitions, Cultures. July, University of Surrey

      ·       Mansaray, A, (2009). Humour and Organisational Culture in an Urban Primary School, paper given at the Ethnography 2009 Symposium: Practice, Politics and Ethics in Ethnographic Research, School of Management, August, University of Liverpool

      ·       Mansaray, A, (2009). Teaching Assistants’ Construction of Voice and Identity within Two Urban Primary Schools: An Ethnographic Exploration, paper given at The Oxford Ethnography and Education Conference, July, University of Oxford


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      Book reviews Woodfield, R, (2007). What Women Want from Work: Gender and Occupational Choice in the 21st Century, London, Palgrave Macmillan, in Gender and Education, Volume 21, Issue 4, 2009, p.472-474


      ED5011– Comparative Educational Ideology and Policy
      ED6012 – Language, Pedagogy and Cultural Diversity
      ED6011 – Debates in Educational Ideology and Policy
      I also teach on the taught element of the Educational doctorate
      I teach on the BA in Education Studies