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Dr Annalisa Meloni

Senior Lecturer in Law

Business and Law

    Dr Annalisa Meloni graduated with a LLB in English & European Laws
    from the University of Essex. She also holds a LLM and PhD from University College London. 
    Her research interests focus on the European Union's laws and policies
    relating to external border controls. She teaches EU Law, Constitutional Law and Employment Law.

    Expert, European Commission Framework Contract on impact assessment, evaluation and evaluation related services in the area of migration and home affairs 2015-2019

    Contracted expert, European Commission, Research and Innovation Programmes, 2018


    Meloni, A., 'EU visa policy: What kind of solidarity?' (2017) 24 Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law 646-666

    Meloni, A., ‘III. Regulation (EC) No 810/2009 establishing a Community Code on Visas (Visa Code)’ in Hailbronner and Thym eds., EU Immigration and Asylum Law. A Commentary 2nd ed. (C.H. Beck, Hart, Nomos, 2016)

    Meloni, A., 'EU Visa and Border Control Policies: What roles for security and reciprocity?' in Bigo, Carrera and Guild eds., Foreigners, Refugees or Minorities? Rethinking people in the context of border controls and visas (Ashgate, 2013)

    Meloni, A. and Hobolth, M., Policy Paper 'Promoting the Free Movement of People between the EU and its Neighbourhood' part of the research project 'The EU and sub-regional multilateralism in Europe's sea basins: Neighbourhood, enlargement and multilateral cooperation' (EU4Seas), EU 7th Framework Research Programme, May 2011. 

    Meloni, A., ‘The Community Code on Visas: Harmonization at last?’ (2009) 34 European Law Review 671-695

    Meloni, A., Visa Policy within the European Union Structure (Springer, 2006)

    Meloni, A., ‘The development of a common visa policy under the Treaty of Amsterdam’ (2005) 42 Common Market Law Review 1357-1381



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    EU Law (Module Leader)

    Constitutional and Administrative Law (Module Leader)

    Employment Law