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Dr Jeremy E. Lemoine

Lecturer in Occupational Psychology

School of psychology, Psychology

How can a manager increase the well-being and productivity of their team members? My research focuses on well-being at work and leadership, more precisely identity leadership. 

    Dr Jérémy E. Lemoine is a Lecturer with a focus on social and organisational psychology at the University of East London. His research interests include social, organisational, economic and cross-cultural psychology. More specifically, his research is in the areas of leadership, well-being in the workplace, burnout, risk-taking, gambling and social representation. His current research aims to develop and apply the social identity model of leadership across situations and cultures. He seeks to investigate how identity leadership can improve both well-being and productivity in organisations.


    Characterization of controlled gamblers and pathological gamblers using the social representation theory

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    The social shield: Effect of the presence of an audience on risk-taking in gambling

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    Contribution d’une catégorisation des RPS à la prédiction du stress et du burnout (ou du mal-être au travail) des soignants [Contribution of a psychosocial risk categorization to the prediction of stress and burnout (or distress at work) among health-care professionals]

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    Financial threat during the economic crisis: Connections with the social representation of the economic crisis and the willingness to act

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    Are taxpayers, who pay their taxes, all cooperative citizens?

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    Health and well-being at work: The hospital context

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    How is the economic crisis socially assessed?

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    Trust and power as determinants of tax compliance across 44 nations

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    Call for Papers “Advancing the Reproducibility of Psychological Assessment Across Borders and Populations”

    Ruggeri, K., Damnjanović, K., Edelsbrunner, P. A., Lemoine, J. E., & Ziegler, M.. 2019. European Journal of Psychological Assessment.

    Advanced Research Training Seminars 2018: A new ARTS model

    Griffith, R., Lemoine, J. E., Caylor, J. R., Bigerton, K., &  Milosevic, M.. 2019. Applied Psychology Around the World.

    Factor structure and psychometric properties of the Body Appreciation Scale-2 in Danish, Portuguese, and Swedish.

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    Identity leadership going global: Validation of the Identity Leadership Inventory across 20 countries

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    The power of choice: A study protocol on how identity leadership fosters commitment towards the organization

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    Identity leadership
    Social identity
    Well-being at work
    Psychosocial risk
    Social representation


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