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Dr Terri Kim

Reader, Cass School of Education and Communities

    Terri Kim (PhD London) is a Reader in Comparative Higher Education, leading Higher Education Research Group ( and the Chair of the College Research Ethics Board in the College of Professional Services (which combines Law, Business, Social Sciences, Social Work and Education) at the University of East London (UEL); and also an Honorary Senior Research Associate at the UCL Institute of Education; an Associate of the Centre for Higher Education and Equity Research (CHEER), University of Sussex, and a Principal Fellow of Higher Education Academy (PFHEA). 
    Previously she was a OECD/CERI consultant; Visiting Scholar in International Relations at LSE; Brain Korea 21 Contract Professor at Seoul National University; full-time Lecturer at Brunel University London; Visiting Scholar at the Collège de France in Paris; Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Monash University in Melbourne.  
    She is a co-convenor of the SRHE Policy Network; the Book Review Editor of Comparative Education; and an editorial board member of seven international journals, including Comparative Education; Intercultural Education; British Journal of Educational Studies (BJES); and Policy Reviews in Higher Education. She had also served as a member of the CESE (Comparative Education Society in Europe) Executive Committee (2012-16) and the CHER (Consortium of Higher Education Researchers) Conference Committee (2015-16).
    She has published one book, two edited Special Issues, and over 45 articles internationally in the field of comparative higher education. She has strong interdisciplinary research interest in the relations of territory, mobility, identity and network; empires, nationalism, cosmopolitanism, coloniality, interculturality; citizenship and the issues of equity and diversity, statelessness and human rights; social history of universities, varieties of academic capitalism, State-University relations, university governance, the academic profession and leadership in HE.  Her long-term and ongoing research has been on transnational academic mobility/migration, knowledge creation and identity capital. She is currently writing a book: Intellectual Strangers in the Open Society Then and Now: a Comparative Analysis.
    She is also co-leading a Leadership Foundation for Higher Education (LFHE)-funded project on 'Tracking Impact of Diversifying Leadership Development Programme on BME Academics and Institutions' as a two-year longitudinal study (, and convening the BAICE Thematic Forum: Diaspora and Internationalisation in Higher Education 2018-2020.
    Many of her invited talks [so far 67 invitations including 29 plenary/keynote lectures in 21 countries] and international publications have taken into account the future directions and strategic needs of Governments, international agencies, and policy think tanks – e.g. OECD, UNESCO-UNEVOC, EMN (European Migration Network), Academia Europaea, UKCGE (UK Council for Graduate Education), Public Policy Exchange, University World News, QS Aim, Times Higher Education, The Conversation, etc.

    ** Terri's research profile and publication details are available in the following web sites:;
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    Terri’s research areas include interdisciplinary and transnational studies, focusing on issues around universities, governance/management, academic profession, mobility/migration, politics and sociology of knowledge and identities.
    Her recent SRHE-funded research project (2011-2012) was ‘Internationalisation, mobile academics and knowledge creation in universities: a comparative analysis’. The research was (i) to examine critically how the functioning – and ultimately the impact – of universities, in the production of knowledge, new knowledge creation and innovation may be affected by the increasing prevalence of international academic staff mobility; and (ii) to offer an in-depth analysis of the internationalisation of universities through international staffing. The research focused on an important and relatively unexamined area in higher education research - especially the intricate relations of the legal framework (immigration/employment law), the institutional contexts of policy implementation, and the internal sociology and cultural assumptions of daily practice inside academe.     
    Other scholarly activities

    Distinguished Visiting Scholar in the Faculty of Arts, School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics, Monash University, Australia (Delivered a Public Lecture, the Sixth Annual LASC Lecture at Monash University on 13 March 2013).
    Visiting Fellow, CAPRI (Centre for Academic Practice and Research in Internationalisation) Leeds Metropolitan Univ. (since June 2010:
    Associate, CHES (Centre for Higher Education Studies), Institute of Education, University of London (since July 2009:
    Associate, CHERI (Centre for Higher Education Research and Information), The Open University (from Oct 2006 until the closure of CHERI, July 2011:
    Visiting Scholar, Collège de France, IEC, Paris, France (September - December 2006)
    Visiting Scholar in International Relations, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), (Oct. 2000- May 2001)
    OECD/CERI Consultant (1999)
    Executive Committee member of CESE (Comparative Education Society in Europe) (since 2012)
    Executive Board member of International Studies in Sociology of Education journal (Routledge journal) (since 2010)
    Editorial Board member of Gender and Education international journal (Taylor and Francis journal) (since 2006)
    Editorial Board member of Comparative Education journal (Taylor and Francis journal) (since 2012)
    Editorial Board member of Intercultural Education journal (Routledge journal) (since 2011); Guest Editor of the Special Issue of Intercultural Education journal 20(5), 2009
    International Advisory Board Member for Research in Comparative and International Education (Oxford Symposium journal)
    International Editorial Advisory Board Member for International Journal of Education for Diversities (IJE4D) (University of Helsinki journal)
    International Advisory Board Member for The Spanish Journal of Comparative Education [Revista Española de Educación Comparada-R.E.E.C.] (since 2008)
    Member of Scientific Committee of ICAMM 3 (International Conference on Academic Mobility and Migration 3 (Malaysia, 4-5 July 2012: ).
    International Advisory Board Member of the DAAD-PROFIN funded research project: iCOMMPOSER (inclusive Communities of Practice of Study, Education and Research), FH Köln and the University of Hildesheim (Jan. 2011- Dec. 2012)
    International Convenor of Higher Education Thematic Group for the WCCES Congress held in Sarajevo, September 2007; Appointed by the World Council of Comparative Education Societies (WCCES) (2006-2007). In that capacity, she wrote the HE Thematic Group blurb ( and call for papers, and organised all sessions relevant to Higher Education for the World Congress in 2007.


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    Selected publications In Press: Kim, T. (2013) Response to Stephanie Bird: Professional Responsibility and Institutions of Higher Learning In Engwall, Lars and Scott, Peter (eds). Trust in Higher Education Institutions: Ethical and Quality Standards in Research and Teaching, London: Portland Press (In Press).

    Goodman, R., Hatakenaka, S., Kim, T. (2009) The Changing Status of Vocational Higher Education in Contemporary Japan and South Korea In UNESCO-UNEVOC Discussion Paper Series No. 4, pp. 1-28 (ISSN 1817-0374 0374,[keyword]=UNEVOC+Discussion+Paper+4 ).

    Kim, T. (2008) Changing University Governance and Management in the UK and Elsewhere under Market Conditions: Issues of Quality Assurance and Accountability In Intellectual Economics Scientific Research Journal, Vol. 2, No. 4 [INTELEKTINË EKONOMIKA Mokslo darbø þurnalas, Nr. 2(4)] Mykolas Romeris University-OECD/IMHE Conference Proceedings on ‘Higher Education under Market Conditions’ held in Vilnius, Lithuania, 17-18 April 2008 pp. 33-42 (ISSN: 1822-8011; Published in both English and Lithuanian:

    Kim, T. (2007) Old Borrowings and New Models of the University in East Asia In Globalization, Societies & Education, Special Issue: Changing Nature of the State and Governance in Education Vol. 5, No. 1, March (Carfax Publishing, Taylor & Francis Group), pp. 39-52. (ISSN 1476-7724, DOI:

    Kim, T. (2007) ‘University Reforms in South Korea: the public-private problem’ In The Journal of Comparative Asian Development, Special Issue: The Quest for “World Class University”: University Responses in East Asia, Vol. 6, No. 1, Spring, Contemporary China Research Project, City University of Hong Kong, pp. 87-106 (ISSN 1533-9114).

    Kim, T. (2005) Internationalisation of Higher Education in South Korea: Reality, Rhetoric, and Disparity in Academic Culture and Identities In The Australian Journal of Education, Special Issue: International Education. Edited by Simon Marginson, Cynthia Joseph and Rui Yang. Vol. 49, No. 1, April, Published by the ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research), pp. 89-103 (ISSN 0004-9441).

    ** This article has been adopted for reading and discussion in the University of Minnesota Doctoral Programme. This journal is included in the SSCI, and ERA ranking A* (0004-9441). Kim, T. (2004) Global citizenship education in an intercultural society: the case of Britain In Education for International Understanding, The Journal of Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) under the auspices of UNESCO, Seoul: APCEIU/UNESCO, No. 13, November, 2004, pp. 140-151 (Published in Korean).

    Kim, T. (2000) Towards a Korean Comparative Education: a Critical Report In The Korean Journal of Comparative Education, Vol.10, No. 2, December, pp. 215-244 (published in Korean).

    Kim, T. (1999) ‘Neo-liberal Globalisation and the English Higher Education Reform: a Comparative Interpretation’ In University Education: The Korean Journal of University Education, published by The Korean Council of University Education (KCUE), No.102, Nov/Dec. Issue: 46-50 (published in Korean).

    Kim, T. (1999) ‘British Malaya: Divide and Rule Principles in Colonisation and Modernisation’ In Tradition and Modernity [Jontong kwa Hyundae], No. 9, Winter Issue: 98-115 (published in Korean).

    Kim, T. (1994) ‘English Elitism and the Trend of Higher Education Reforms in the 1990s’ In The Korean Journal of Comparative Education, Vol. 4, No. 1, May: 99-124 (published in Korean).

    Kim, T. (2013) Academic Mobility and Comparative Knowledge Creation: a biographic narrative approach In AA.VV. Conversaciones con un maestro. Liber Amicorum. Estudio interdisciplinar de discípulos y colegas en homenaje al profesor DR. D. José Luis García Garrido, Catedrático Emérito de Universidad. Madrid, Ediciones Académicas (In Press to be published in both English and Spanish). Forthcoming:

    Kim, T. (1993) ‘The Tradition of British Educational Culture and a Survey of Summerhill Education’ In Education for Self-Regulation: The Journal of the Korean Society of Education for Neill Studies, No. 2, June: 34-42 (published in Korean).

    Book Chapters (Peer-reviewed): Kim, T. (2013) The (un)changing relationship between the State and Higher Education in South Korea: some surprising continuities amid transition In Goodman, R., Kariya, T. and Taylor, J. (eds). The Changing Relationship between the State and Higher Education in France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea and the UK, Oxford Studies in Comparative Education Series, Symposium Books. ISBN 978-1-873927-76-2 (

    Kim, T. (2011) Globalization and Higher Education in South Korea – towards ethnocentric internationalization or global commercialization of higher education? In King, R., Marginson, S. and Naidoo, R. (eds). Handbook of Globalization and Higher Education, pp. 286-305, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd. (USA & UK; ISBN: 978 1 84844 585 7).

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    ** This article has been listed as core reading for the European MA programme Comparative and Transnational Education module in DPU, University of Aarhus,Copenhagen and I am giving a lecture on the subject at DPU annually as a part of ERASMUS Mundus (2009-2013). Yonezawa, A. and Kim, T. (2008) The Future of Higher Education in a Context of a Shrinking Student Population: Policy Challenges for Japan and Korea (Chapter 7) In Higher Education to 2030. Vol. 1: Demography// L'enseignement supérieur en 2030. Vol. 1: Démographie, edited by Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin, Paris: OECD, pp. 199-216 (ISBN: 978-9-2640-4065-6).

    ** Published in both English and French; also in the process of translation from English into Japanese and Spanish for publication). The book was officially released at the OECD-France International Conference ‘Higher Education 2030: What futures for quality access in the era of globalisation?’ on 8-9 December 2008; Venue: Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, 292 rue Saint-Martin, Paris 03. Kim, T. (2008) The Academic Profession in East Asian Higher Education (Chapter 7) In RIIHE (Edited by Yonezawa) Frontier of Private Higher Education Research in East Asia, Tokyo: Research Institute for Independent Higher Education (RIIHE), pp. 139-161 (ISBN4-902981-11-4).

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    ** This article led to the CARA invitation for me to give a plenary talk on transnational academic mobility in a global knowledge economy at the 75th Anniversary CARA Conference held at the British Academy on 5th December 2008. Kim, T. (2006) Building a business: a comparative note on the changing identities of the British University In Sprogøe, J. and Winther-Jensen, T. (eds). Identity, Education, and Citizenship: Multiple Interrelations, The CESE Conference Proceedings, Peter Lang, pp. 197-224. (ISSN: 0934-0858; ISBN: 3-631-553-7-2; US-ISBN: 0-8204-9917-X).

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    Reports: Kim, T. and Locke, W. (2010) Transnational academic mobility and the academic profession In CHERI, Higher Education and Society: A Research Report, March 2010, Centre for Higher Education Research and Information (CHERI), The Open University, pp.25-34

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    Terri is a specialist in Comparative Higher Education



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