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Dr Magdalini Kolokitha


    My research interests are embedded within the field of Sociology of Education and Education policy. In October 2010 I joined the Cass School of Education as a post-doctoral research fellow attached to the EPSRC project Game theory and adaptive networks for smart evacuations. My previous post was at the ESRC funded Centre for Learning and Life Chances in Knowledge Economies and Societies (LLAKES), Institute of Education, University of London where I was working as a research officer on perceptions and attitudes of educational economic and cultural inequalities in England, Denmark, France and Germany. Before that I was at the London Knowledge Lab working at the Learning Skills for Science: An Evaluation project funded by Gatsby and at the DIUS funded Foresight 2030: Learning through life; The role of technology funded by DIUS and DCSF. The former was an evaluation of an innovative way of teaching skills with scientific context in secondary education and the latter was a desk-based DIUS Foresight project looking on the ways that technology can facilitate education and well-being and aimed to inform Government’s policy initiatives in this sector. My PhD is on European Higher Education Policy exploring the realisation of Bologna Process initiatives and is titled ''It's the end of the 'university' as we know it''; the realisation of the Bologna process: cases from England and Greece. In my PhD I focused particularly on issues of institutional and policy governance identifying differentiated modalities by investigating the recontextualisation of policy discourses. Thus, in a broader context my theoretical interests focus on the exploration of policy discourses and the utility of discourse as a methodological, theoretical and analytical tool and are expressed empirically through the investigation of differentiated modalities of governance and political representation. Lately, my research interests have been focusing particularly on the role of social networking platforms in different contexts. I am attempting to explore the effect of social networking platforms on the realisation of various regional, national and local policies but also their effect on regional, national and local governance.




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    Education Policy, Higher Education, Economic and Cultural Inequalites

    the role of social networking platforms on the realisation of various regional, national and local policies and their effect on regional, national and local governance.