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Dr Kaori Kitagawa

Research Assistant

    I joined UEL in January 2013 as a part-time Research Assistant. My research interests include comparative education, lifelong learning policy and practice, youth transition, continuing professional development and disaster education. My PhD thesis was published as a book in 2010 entitled, 'Lifelong learning policy in England and Japan: a comparative analysis'. I have engaged in a range of research projects including a project funded by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, ‘Post-16 Transitions in London’. I have also taught in a number of programmes at the undergraduate, Master and Doctoral levels in the UK.


    Kitagawa, K. (forthcoming) 'Continuity and changes in disaster education in Japan'|

    Kitagawa, K. (forthcoming) 'Balancing collaboration and self-responsibility: urgency for disaster education in Japan'|

    Kitagawa, K. & Encinas, M. (forthcoming) ‘Practical agency: young people’s transitions in London’.|

    Kitagawa, K. (2012) ‘Three translations revisited: lifelong learning in Singapore’, in Aspin, D. et al eds., International Handbook of Lifelong Learning, Second Edition, Springer, 305-320 |


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    [Note] I changed my surname from OKUMOTO to KITAGAWA in September 2011.



    Through researching for the ESRC project at UEL, I am developing expertise in the areas of disaster policy and education. Other areas of interests include comparative education, lifelong learning policy and practice and post-compulsory learning and teaching that includes youth transition and continuing professional development.