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Dr Afaf Jabiri

Senior Lecturer

School of Social Sciences


    Dr Afaf Jabiri is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Social Sciences at the University of East London. From 2013- 2017, She held the posts of Senior Teaching Fellow at the Centre for Gender Studies, SOAS and Fellow at the LSE Gender Institute. Her research focuses on gender, in the Middle East, forced migration and diaspora; gender and development. Dr Jabiri’s research combines academic and impact-based research for policy reform and change. She takes an interdisciplinary approach in such studies, linking anthropology, international politics and law in her scholarship. She is the author of the book ‘Gendered Politics and Law in Jordan: Guardianship over Women’. Dr Jabiri has multiple publications in high quality and peer reviewed journals. For example, her article ‘Gendered politics of alienation: Arab revolutions and women’s sense of despair’ – published in the Feminist Review – takes a gendered reading of Marx’s concept of alienation to analyse the connection between law, state, political economy, gender norms and orientalist ideology that formed the foundation of women's systematic exclusion from politics in the post-revolution Egypt. Dr Jabiri has also undertaken research and developed impact case studies that contributed to both knowledge production and policy reform around gender equality and political reforms. Examples of this research include: the UNDP’s Global Report on ‘Gender Equality in Public Administration’; the UN’s publication on ‘Due Diligence and States' Responsibilities in Combating Violence against Women’; the EBRD’s study on ‘Women’s Agency, Choice and Economic Participation in the MENA region’.



    Books & Articles

    Jabiri, A. (2019) Low Economic Participation of Women and Sexual Violence in Jordan, published by Jordanian Women’s Union (In Arabic, in the process of being translating to English)

    Jabiri, A. (2019) ‘Policing Gender Performativity in Jordan: Women under the Custodianship of the State’, in R. Salih and Andrea Cornwall (eds.) Female Body Politics: Ownership, Coercion and Agency in Muslim Societies and Beyond, London: I.B.TAURIS (chapter/peer-reviewed).

    Jabiri, A (2017) 'Gendered Politics of Alienation and Power Restoration: Arab Revolutions and Women's Sentiments of Loss and Despair' Feminist Review, Currents, Issue 117.

    Jabiri, A. (2016) Gendered Politics and Law in Jordan: Guardianship over Women, New York, Palgrave Macmillan. (book)

    Jabiri, A. (2016) Practices from the Field: Advocating for Women in the Euro-Mediterranean Region, European Institute of the Mediterranean. (Practice-based Book, translated to French and Arabic)

    Jabiri, A. (2013) ‘Wilaya (Guardianship) over Women: A Key to Women’s Subordination’, openDemocracy.


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    Gendered Politics and Law in Jordan, Guardianship over Women

    Jabiri, Afaf . 2016. Palgrave . NYC.



    Research interests: gender and the Middle East; gendering migration and diaspora; gender and religion; gender and development; Muslim and secular women’s movement in the Middle East, and Palestinian refugees.  



    Policy and Practice of Humanitarianism and Development 
    Human Mobility, Forced Migration and Social Change
    NGOs Placement
    Islam and Society