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Miss Montserrat Gonzalez Perez

PhD Researcher/ HP Lecturer

Cognitive and Neuroscience Psychology

     Montserrat González-Pérez is a PhD student, Lecturer, Life Coach, Student Mentor and Apiarist at the University of East London (UEL). 

    Montserrat's PhD research is supervised by Dr Elley Wakui, Professor Volker Thomas and Professor Davide Rivolta.

    Working throughout her PhD as a Lecturer at the East London University. Main topics and materials delivered: Brain neuromodulation techniques (tES) Electroencephalography (EEG) Research Methods, Developmental Psychology for psychology students Level 4 - 5. Statistical analysis methodology for Master in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology (MAPPCP) level 7, MSc research. A mentor to the University Mentoring Student Programme.

    Montserrat loves to be around peers and professionals that enjoy, promote and share intellectual freedom. 

    My vision is that by investigating the effects of neuromodulation, a non-invasive technique which causes temporary changes in brain’s neurophysiology. We may be able to contribute to learn and understand the neurochannels pathways that our brain works and, be able to create interventions aimed to improve brain cognition.


    HP Lecturer

    PY7159: Origins and Concepts of Individual differences & Social Psychology (Seminar Leader)
    PY4101: Research Methods (Seminar leader & Marking)
    PY4003: Cognitive and Developmental Psychology (Seminar Leader)