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Dr.  Jeremie Gilbert

Professor of International and Comparative Law

Law and Criminology , Law, Crimonology

    Jérémie has joined UEL in 2013 as a Reader in Law, and received his professorial chair in 2015. Previously he was a Senior Lecturer in Law at Middlesex University, a Lecturer in Human Rights at the Transitional Justice Institute (University of Ulster) and a teaching fellow at the European Masters in Human Rights and Democratisation (Venice). Beforehand he worked for different NGOs such as the South Asia Human Rights Documentation Centre in New Delhi and Greenpeace both France and Canada. He holds a PhD in International Law (2004-Galway), an L.L.M. (Masters) in Human Rights (2001-Galway) and a Maîtrise en Droit International Public (2000-Montreal) and a Licence en droit (1999- Paris X).

    His main area of research is on international human rights law, and more particularly the rights of minorities and indigenous peoples. He has extensively published on the rights of indigenous peoples, looking in particular at their right to land and natural resources. He is a member of the Centre on Human Rights in Conflict, and the convener of the Land and Human Rights research group at his university.

    Jérémie has served as a consultant for several international organisations. He was one of the invited independent experts for United Nations Expert Seminar on Treaties and other arrangements between States and Indigenous Peoples (2006), and has served as a consultant for the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (2015). He regularly works with non-governmental organisations supporting indigenous peoples’ rights such as the Forest Peoples’ Programme, Minority Rights Group International and the Rainforest Foundation. He was the vice-chair of the International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA) international board (2009-2015).

    Jérémie has worked with several indigenous communities across the globe, he is currently involved in supporting litigations, providing expert witness statements, affidavits and supporting evidence gathering in several land claims for indigenous peoples. He is the lead researcher for the Open Society Foundations’ Strategic Litigation Impacts Project on Indigenous Peoples’ Land Rights. His current work focuses on the protection of nomadic peoples under international law, indigenous peoples’ rights, and the interaction between business and human rights law.



    My main area of research is on international human rights law, and more particularly the rights of minorities and indigenous peoples. The right to land and natural resources constitutes an essential elements of survival, development and self-determination for many communities, including indigenous peoples, herders, and nomadic communities, who due to embedded forms of discrimination do not have access to secure control of these resources. My research is examining how human rights law could provide a source to claim back the right of these communities to manage, use, control and own their natural ressources.



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