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Dr Anthony Gunter

Principal Lecturer

Dr.  Gunter is a Principal Lecturer in Criminology and Programme Leader for the BA (Hons) Criminology & Law degree. Prior to his career in academia Anthony worked for over 14 years in both South and East London, within a variety of community settings, as a detached community and youth worker and Project / Area Manager.


    Current research:
    Using ethnographic research methods to explore:  contemporary urban youth subculture(s) and alternative youth transitions; serious youth violence and the ‘street gang’; youth crime prevention practice and neighbourhood policing;  race/ethnicity, crime and justice.


    Gunter, A. (forthcoming, 2016) Race, Gangs and Youth Violence: Policy, Prevention and Policing, Bristol: Policy Press

    Gunter, A. (2010) ‘Growing Up Bad? Road Culture, Badness and Black Youth Transitions in an East London Neighbourhood’, London:  Tufnell Press
    Journal articles and book chapters
    Gunter, A (In Press, 2016) Youth Transitions, Continuities, Legacy (and Change for the Worse?)  in One  East London 2012 Olympic host borough, P. Cohen and P. Watt Eds, A Hollow   Legacy? London 2012 and the Post-Olympics City, London: Palgrave MacMillan

    Gunter, A (2016) From Bad to Worse?  Youth Perspectives, Identities and ‘Road Life’(styles),   in S. Blackman and M. Kempson Eds, The Subcultural Imagination: Theory, Research and  Reflexivity in   Youth Cultures, London: Routledge
    Gunter, A. (2015)  ‘Keeping It Real’: The experiences of Black youth beyond  Criminal (In)Justice statistics, Criminal Justice Matters, Volume 101, Issue 1
    Joseph, I., & Gunter, A. (2011) What’s A Gang and What’s Race Got to Do with It? Politics and Policy into practice, London: Runnymede Trust
    Gunter , A., & Watt, P. (2010) Goin’ College, Goin’ Work and Goin’ Road: Youth Cultures and  Transitions in East London in R. MacDonald, T. Shildrick, and S. Blackman  (eds), Young People, Class and Place, London: Routledge
    Gunter , A., & Watt, P. (2009) Goin’ College, Goin’ Work and Goin’ Road: Youth Cultures and  Transitions in East London,  Journal of Youth Studies, vol. 12, no. 5, pp. 515-529 (Special Issue: YOUNG PEOPLE, CLASS AND PLACE)
    Gunter, A. (Dec, 2008) ‘Growing up bad: black youth, road culture and badness in an East London neighbourhood’, Crime Media Culture, vol. 4, no. 3, pp. 349-365.
    Gunter, A. (2003), ‘The Trouble With Black (Male) Youth’, Criminal justice Matters No 54.

    Conference  papers
    Gunter, A. (2015)  Growing up poor in austerity Britain:  multiple deprivation and poor transitions in one super-diverse  East London borough, ESA 2015 Conference, Prague – Czech Republic.

    Gunter, A. (2014) Street Gangs,  Serious Youth Violence  and Policing in the UK:  The perspectives and experiences of  Young People growing up in two poor  East London Neighbourhoods, EUSARF 2014 Conference, Copenhagen – Denmark.

    Gunter, A. (2014) Policing Dark Others, Challenging Racism and State Violence, University of East London

    Gunter, A. (2013) Policing & Urban Youth Violence, Safe Communities & Crime Prevention, Goldsmiths College, University of London

    Gunter A. (2011) The Governance of Troublesome Youth Groups in Spaces of Urban Marginality:  An East London Case Study, XVI World Congress - International Society for Criminology, Kobe - Japan
    Gunter, A. (2011) Road Cultures, Transitions & Young Black Males, Gender, Youth and Urban Neighbourhoods Symposium, Institute of Education, University of London
    Gunter, A. (2010) Youth Transitions, Road Culture & Badness: An Ethnographic Study of a Black East London Neighbourhood', Birkbeck Urban Studies Group Seminar Series, Birkbeck College, University of London
    Gunter, A (2010) Youth Transitions in East London’s Multi-Ethnic Poor Neighbourhoods: Continuities, Legacy (and Change?)  in London’s 2012 Olympic host boroughs, BSA Youth 2010 Conference, University of Surrey

    Gunter, A (2010) Youth Exclusion and Urban Crime: ‘Problem’ Youth, Urban Policy and Crime Prevention Practice in the UK, Stockholm Criminology Symposium, Stockholm - Sweden  

    Gunter, A., & Watt, P. (2008) Goin’ College, Goin’ Work and Goin’ Road: Youth Transitions, Culture and Local Opportunity Structures in an East London Neighbourhood, Young People, Class and Place Conference, British Sociological Association Youth Study Group, University of Teesside

    Gunter, A (2007) Race(ism), crime & justice: the perennial problem with black British male youth discourses’, British Society of Criminology Conference, London School of Economics


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    Black youth; youth cultures and transitions; serious youth violence and gangs; race/ethnicity, crime and justice; urban crime; youth work/crime prevention practice; policing multi-ethnic urban neighbourhoods; ethnography.



    Teaching and administering modules on the BA Criminology and Criminal Justice and BA Criminology & Law programmes. Anthony is also Programme Leader for the BA Criminology and Law degree and has lead responsibility for Professional Development and employer engagement within the Criminology Subject Area.


    • BA (Hons) Criminology and Criminal Justice
    • BA (Hons) Criminology and Law
    • BA (Hons) Extended Social Science

    Module leader for:

    • Applied Criminology & Professional Practice
    • Race/Ethnicity, Crime & Justice
    • Youth, Crime & Subculture
    • Work-Based Learning

    Also contributes to the following modules:

    • Perspectives on Race and Racism
    • Project