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    Dr Sarah Jane Fox specialises in law and policing. Sarah began her career in Policing and Law Enforcement. She holds a PhD in law whereby her research related to cross border enforcement and the implications (challenges) of the movement of people across set boundaries into other jurisdictions.

    In 2015-16 Sarah was awarded the distinguished Fulbright Commission post-doctoral research scholarship, through the discipline of law, which was also co-supported by Lloyd’s of London. Her research professorship, in the USA, related to threats and risks to critical national infrastructures, in particular, her focus related to transport modes and systems (including from cyber perpetration and penetration).

    Sarah has also worked in senior management roles, as a legal and practice consultant and adviser to a number of government departments and advisory boards relating to policing, transport and security (in the UK, across Europe and internationally). 
    She holds numerous professional and academic memberships and qualifications across these fields. Sarah is currently a member of a number of law enforcement bodies, she also sits as a member of the International Advisory Committee of the International Commission on Cyber Security Law, a Trustee on the Lloyd’s Tercentenary Research Foundation Board (as of 2017) and, remains a Fellow of the University of Liverpool (law). Additionally, she is an adviser to MAVCOM and a listed expert with the EU Parliament and has made various key note speeches and presentations at various distinguished events, such as the United Nations.

    - Lloyd's Of London (Lloyd's Tercentenary Research Foundation - LTRF); 
    - An adviser to the UK Select Committee and EU Parliament; 
     (Also an adviser to MAVCOM (Malaysian Aviation Commission) 


    Sarah’s research interest tie directly into her learning and teaching areas – namely, the professionalism and accountability of the police and the continually developing role and needs of, and for, modern day policing.   Sarah’s other current research areas are: - policing in a new technological (cyber) age; security and terrorism risk factors (prevent, protect, pursue and respond in today’s modern (cyber) world);  - conflicts and paradoxes – for example, between ‘human rights and security,’ and ‘opportunities and challenges;’ - borders, governance and accountability; - transport (safety, security and cross border movement/enforcement). 

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     Book contributions / chapters 
    - Fox, S. J. (2016) Legal Risk Management, Governance and Compliance. Globe Law and Business 

    Published Articles Blue-Line police/criminal justice publications (2004-2006) (Police & Criminal Justice) Commissioned publications: 
     S. J. Fox; ‘United yet still divided’ 
     S. J. Fox; ‘To Protect and Serve’ 
     S. J. Fox; ‘Hold the front page’ 
     S. J. Fox; ‘Fact or fiction’ 

    NOTE: Commissioned publications (other) 
    Springer group and Etrasa: Numerous legal and educational / transport material, textbooks and test papers etc., (Approx. 8-10 publications) 2003-2010 (for the Spanish education/business: transport/law market)