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Mrs Julia Freeman

Scientific Officer

Medicines Research Group

I have a BH(Hons) in Human Movement Studies and Mathematics and a MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences. I work as a Scientific Officer in the School of Health Sport and Bioscience. I have been working in a technical role since 1986, servicing classes in a range of areas. I am a member of the Institute of Science and Technology (IST).

    I studied for a BH(Hons) in Human Movement Studies and Mathematics at Anglia Ruskin University. I recently completed a MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of East London, by part time study.
    I joined the University of East London (then North East London Polytechnic) in February 1986 as a Trainee Technician in the Animal Sciences Division of the Department of Biology and Biochemistry.I have since worked in a wide range of areas, including electron microscopy, environmental Science, archaeology, forensic science, chemistry and pharmaceutical science. My current areas of work are histology and pharmacology.
    I have been involved with the Medicines Research Group (MRG) at UEL since its inauguration in 2005, assisting with both undergraduate and post-graduate research projects, together with academic's personal research. My MSc dissertation, a quality, safety and efficacy assessment of  cimicifuga racemosa(Black Cohosh) was carried out as part of ongoing work in MRG.
    I have been involved with much of the outreach activities both within the School and the CASS School of Education. In October 2015 I was awarded a STEMM Stars Athena Swan Award in recognition of this work.
    I am a member of the Institute of Science and Technology (IST), a professional body for technical staff.



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