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Mr Paul V Dudman


Centre for Migration, Refugees and Belonging. Centre for Narrative Research

    Co-Convenor of the British Sociological Association Diaspora, Migration & Transnationalism Study Group (
    Co-Convenor of the IASFM Working Group for Archiving and Documentation of History of Forced Migration and Refugees (
    Convenor of the Oral History Society Migration Special Interest Group (



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    Documenting the undocumented: International engagement, archives and preserving the refugee experience (part one)

    Dudman, Paul V.. 2017. ARC Magazine.  (329), pp. 8-9..

    Digital Archives of Refugee History: Resources, Challenges and Opportunities

    Dudman, Paul V. 2017. Refugee History.

    Beyond borders: reflections on the SAA Conference in San Diego

    Dudman, Paul V.. 2013. ARC Magazine. (282), pp. 21-23.

    How can archives document, preserve and make accessible the material culture and first-hand testimonies of refugees through civic engagement

    Dudman, Paul V.. 2016.  Citizens Voices. (4), pp. 20..

    Hidden Histories, Forgotten Narratives

    Dudman, Paul V.. 2016. Refugee History.

    Paradoxical narratives of transcultural encounters of the “other”: Civic engagement with refugees and migrants in London

    Hashem, Rumana and Dudman, Paul V.. 2016.  Transnational Social Review. 6(1-2), pp. 192-199.

    Crafting Resistance: Preserving and Exhibiting the Legacy of Human Rights Resistance through the Art of Chilean Political Prisoners

    Dudman, Paul V. 2018. Citizens Voices. (10), pp. 14-18.

    Supporting Asylum Seekers and Refugees for Two Decades: Initiatives by the University of East London and Refugee Council Archive

    Dudman, Paul V and Hashem, Rumana. 2018. Refugee History.

    Archives, agency and activism: The past and the present in refugee history at the IASFM conference

    Dudman, Paul V.. 2018. Citizens Voices. (11), pp. 17-20.

    Contested Histories, Intangible Heritage: Human Rights and The German Occupation Memorial and Eleven Emlekmű (Eleven Memorial) in Budapest, Hungary

    Dudman, Paul V. 2019. Citizens Voices. (12), pp. 24-29.

    #volsecarchives: Human rights in records and the Campaign for Voluntary Sector Archives

    Dudman, Paul V.. 2019. Citizens Voices. (13), pp. 20-27..

    ”Don’t give me more ideas, I’m too creative!”: Interview with poet, artist and activist Sonia Quintero

    Dudman, Paul V.. 2019. Citizens Voices. (13), pp. 10-15..

    Metadata for information management and retrieval: understanding metadata and its use

    Dudman, Paul V. 2019. Archives and Records. pp. 1–3.

    Documenting the Undocumented: Archiving and recording the refugee experience

    Dudman, Paul V.. 2019. NCPH History@Work.

    Oral History and Collective Memory: Documenting Refugee Voices and the Challenges of Archival Representation.(Forthcoming)

    Dudman, Paul V. 2019. Atlanti +.